The Resorter Revisited – August 16, 2019

The Resorter Revisited – August 16, 2019

Summer of 1978

Volume XXIV

Edition 3

Issue Highlights

This week’s “Resorter Girl” was Terry Wooten.

An ad featuring Ames Discount Department Stores promoted two stores – one on Route 50 in Berlin and another on Route 1 in Rehoboth.

Among the features being advertised at the Hurricane on 71st Street was a Best Looking Bathing Suit contest, Best Tan contest and a Wednesday Nite Fever Dance Contest. The summer of ’78 marked the Hurricane’s fourth anniversary.

The “After Dark” entertainment pages highlighted Ecstacy at The Gazebo; Raintree at Embers; Monopoly at Bonfire; Sinbad at Hurricane; Good    Life Ltd. at Lookout Lounge; and Glen Bailey & Circus at Lookout Lounge;

Sound Waves in the Gold Coast Mall was advertising the largest selection of LPs, 8-tracks, cassettes, needles and accessories.

Inside Libby’s Family Restaurant in Fenwick was the “Kiddie Karousel,” which offered “collection of clothing from infant to young teen.”

English’s Family Restaurants on 15th Street, 137th Street and in the Route 50 Berlin Shopping Center were offering “All the Delmarvalous Fried Chicken You Can Eat” for $3.29.

Among Dick Lohmeyer’s “Things I Like” this week were “Rice Krispies and Bananas; first cigarette in the morning; people who mind their own business; and pretty old ladies who wear hats.”