Wicomico Adopts Honorary Street Naming Policy

SALISBURY – Following months of discussion, officials in Wicomico County this week adopted a new honorary street sign policy and application for county roads.

The Wicomico County Council on Tuesday approved and adopted a new policy and application process for recognizing community leader or groups through honorary street signs.

Officials first initiated a discussion on the benefits of a street naming policy last year, after it was realized the county had no guidelines for dedicating a county road. Occasionally, the county receives requests to recognize individuals, groups or organizations that have made significant contributions to the community

“The council does get requests from time to time to dedicate a road to a certain individual,” Council President John Cannon said last year. “We recognize we really don’t have a policy and we really hate to do it ad hoc because as soon as you make one appointment then you will probably be inundated with two or three more.”

To that end, council staff began reviewing policies from other jurisdictions and working on a document that outlines the process for honorary street signage.

According to the policy adopted on Tuesday, community members requesting an honorary street sign must submit a street designation application and supporting documentation to both the county executive for consideration. Once the honorary street sign has been approved by both the executive and the county council, the petitioner must complete an application and send it to the public works road division to develop a cost estimate for creating and installing the sign.

The honoree’s historical or cultural influence, geographical location, character, and service to the nation, state or county, among other things, will be considered in the application process.

Honorary street signs, of approved, will be placed below stand County street name signs and will not replace the official name of the street or official address of businesses and residences on the street.

With no further discussion this week, the council voted unanimously to approve and adopt the honorary street sign policy and application.

Assistant Director of Administration Weston Young recognized the work of county officials for developing the new policy.

“I think this is a good collaborative effort,” he said.

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