Security Detail To Work Weekends At Ocean Pines Marina

Security Detail To Work Weekends At Ocean Pines Marina
The goal of the new security effort at the Ocean Pines Marina is to keep boaters from blocking the gas pumps and other boat slips. Submitted Photo

BERLIN — Heavy boating traffic at the Ocean Pines Marina recently led to the hiring of a security detail to work on weekends and holidays.

Because of the increased success at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club, the marina started experiencing some issues last year, including those without boat slips occasionally docking in spots reserved for those with a paid boat slip. Some other boaters have taken to parking at the gas docks.

Security was included in the fiscal 2020 budget in the form of additional staff hours. As the marina became busier, Marina Manager Ron Fisher suggested a security service, which was supported by Operations Director Colby Phillips and General Manager John Viola. The additional security began near the end of June and reports directly to Fisher.

“Safety is always a priority and we felt the added security would help ensure our boaters have a pleasant and safe experience,” Viola said.

Signs are posted at the marina instructing boaters where they can and cannot dock. Additionally, the security detail starting July 4 began handing out diagrams to those who do not have a boat slip, showing them where the available spots are, although there is no guarantee of one being available.

Security guards are instructed to ask boaters who dock at the gas docks and at paid boat slips belonging to others to move. There are currently areas for nine or 10 boaters without slips to dock at the marina.

“The security detail is there to ensure that those who paid for boat slips will have their place to dock, and to instruct those without slips on where they can dock their boats,” Fisher said. “The increased success of the yacht club and marina have led to much heavier boating traffic, and we felt the security was necessary in order to ensure the marina continues to operate in a safe and orderly fashion.”

“We are excited about the larger crowds and will certainly consider options for expanding the boat docking for next season,” Phillips said. “Security went over very well during the first weekend and we look forward to continued success at the yacht club and marina throughout the summer.”