Who’s Playing When And Where – July 5, 2019

Who’s Playing When And Where – July 5, 2019

28th/127th Street Pit & Pub
410-289-2020 • 443-664-7482
28th St. & Coastal Hwy.
& 127th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, June 28: Jack & T
Wednesdays: DJ Wax (127th St.)

45th Street Taphouse
443-664-2201 • 4507 Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 5: Sean Loomis
Saturday, July 6: Kentavius Jones
Sunday, July 7: The Pips
Wednesday, July 10: Aaron Howell
Thursday, July 11: Ward Ewing

Atlantic Hotel
410-641-3589 • 2 North Main St., Berlin
Mondays: Earl Beardsley
Tuesdays: Bob Miller on Piano

Buxy’s Salty Dog/Dry Dock 28
410-289-0973 • 28th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 5: DJ Wax
Saturday, July 6: Smooth & Remy
Sundays: Local Party w/DJ BK

Caribbean Pool Bar
410-289-6181 • 2nd St. & Boardwalk
Friday, July 5: Monkee Paw
Saturday, July 6: The Runner Ups
Sunday, July 7: No Byscuyts
Monday, July 8: Dave Sherman
Tuesday, July 9: Smooth & Remy
Wednesday, July 10: Murphy’s Law
Thursday, July 11: Spiffy & Friends

Captain’s Table
410-289-7192 • Courtyard by Marriott Hotel,
15th St. & Baltimore Ave.
Every Thursday Thru Saturday:
Phil Perdue On Piano

Clarion Hotel
410-524-3535 • 10100 Coastal Highway
Ocean Club: Friday & Saturday, July 5 & 6:
New Censation
Fridays & Saturdays: DJ Dusty
Lenny’s Beach Bar: Friday-Sunday, July 5-7:
On The Edge
Monday-Thursday, July 8-11: First Class

Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill
Castle In The Sand Hotel
37th & 38th St. • 410-289-6846
Friday, July 5: Darin Engh, Over Time
Saturday, July 6: Top Shelf Duo, Funk Shué
Sunday, July 7: Shortcut Sunny,
Lauren Glick Band
Monday, July 8: Nate Clendenen,
Bob Wilkinson & Joe Smooth
Tuesday, July 9: Chris Sacks Duo,
Aaron Howell Duo
Wednesday, July 10: Chino Rankin, Chest Pains
Thursday, July 11: Keri Anthony

Crabcake Factory Bayside
302-988-5000 • Rt. 54 Fenwick Island, DE
Friday, July 5: Smooth & Remy
Wednesday, July 10: Keri Anthony

Fager’s Island
410-524-5500 • 60th St. in the Bay
Friday, July 5: Steve Ports Trio, DJ RobCee, Here’s To The Night
Saturday, July 6: Steve Ports Trio, DJ Groove, Here’s To The Night
Sunday, July 7: DJ RobCee, DJ Louie T,
Monday, July 8: Animal House, DJ RobCee,
It’s All Good
Tuesday, July 9: DJ Adam Dutch,
Marcella Peters, DJ J Spinz
Wednesday, July 10: DJ Adam Dutch, DJ Hector, Swell Fellas
Thursday, July 11: DJ Greg, DJ Groove, Jonathan Plevyak

Greene Turtle North
410-723-2120 • 11601 Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 5: Pearl, DJ BK
Saturday, July 6: DJ Wood
Sunday, July 7: DJ Groove
Mondays: Karaoke W/ DJ Wood
Tuesdays: DJ Casper
Wednesdays: DJ Wiz
Thursday, July 11: Swell Fellas

Greene Turtle West
410-213-1500 • Rte. 611, West OC
Friday, July 5: The Rogue Citizens
Saturday, July 6: Space Koi

410-213-1846 • South Harbor Road, West OC
Fridays: DJ Billy T
Saturday, July 6: Chris Button/Side Project,
DJ Jeremy
Sunday, July 7: Opposite Directions,
Jada Lee Band
Mondays: Blake Haley, DJ Billy T
Tuesdays: Dust N Bones
Wednesdays: DJ Billy T, Trivia w/DJ Bigler
Thursdays: Opposite Directions

Harpoon Hanna’s
302-539-3095 • Rt. 54 & The Bay,
Fenwick Island, DE
Friday, July 5: Dave Hawkins, DJ
Saturday, July 6: Dave Sherman, DJ
Sunday, July 7: Kevin Poole, Dale Teat
Monday, July 8: Dave Hawkins
Tuesday, July 9: Kevin Poole
Wednesday, July 10: Dave Sherman
Thursday, July 11: Dale Teat

High Stakes Bar & Grill
302-537-6971 • Rt. 54, Fenwick Island, DE
Friday, July 5: Lower Case Blues
Saturday, July 7: Slappy Hour
Thursdays: Baltimore Bob
Fridays & Saturdays: Bob Burns

Higgins Crab House
410-289-2581 • 31st. St. & Coastal Hwy.
Wednesdays: Blake Haley
Thursdays: Kaleb Brown

12513 Ocean Gateway, Rte. 50, West OC
Friday, July 5: DJ Wax
Sunday, July 7: This Your Monkey

Johnny’s Pizza & Pub
410-723-5600 • Rt. 54 Fenwick Island, DE
Wednesdays: Randy Lee Ashcraft
& The Saltwater Cowboys

Lobster Shanty
302-436-2305 • 56th St. & Coastal Hwy., Bayside
Sunday, July 7: Joe Mama w/Dave Wimbrow
& Kathy Denk
Wednesday, July 10: Taylor Knox
Thursday, July 11: Full Circle Duo

M.R. Ducks
410-289-9125 • 311 Talbot St.
Friday, July 5: Barrel-Chested Beer Bellies
Saturday, July 6: Johnny Bling
Sunday, July 7: Over Time
Wednesday, July 10: DJ Batman
Thursday, July 11: Colossal Fossil Sauce

Mad Fish
410-213-2525 • 12817 Harbor Rd., West O.C.
Friday, July 5: Funk Shué
Saturday, July 6: Neal Hooks
Sunday, July 7: Side Project
Mondays: International Night w/DJ Electron
Wednesday, July 10: Jon Pheasant,
Karaoke w/Chuck D

Pickles Pub
410-289-4891 • 8th St. & Philadelphia Ave.
Friday, July 5: Ray & The Revolvers
Saturday, July 6: Sean Loomis
Mondays: Karaoke W/ Jeremy
Tuesdays: Beats By Adam Dutch
Thursdays: Beats By Wax

Purple Moose
410-289-6953 • Between Caroline
& Talbot Streets On The Boardwalk
Friday & Saturday, July 5 & 6: Common Courtesy
Sunday & Monday, July 7 & 8: Deadeye Stare
Tuesday & Wednesday, July 9 & 10, VJ Mazi
Thursday, July 11: Bonjourney
Friday-Sunday, July 5-7: CK The DJ

Smitty McGee’s
37234 Lighthouse Rd., West Fenwick Ireland, DE
Thursdays & Fridays: Randy Lee Ashcraft
& The Saltwater Cowboys

410-524-4900 • 49th St.& Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 5: DJ Bobby O, Jim Long Band,
Jah Works, Kristen & The Noise
Saturday, July 6: Cruz In De Bay,
Shake 3X, Jah Works, The 5:55, Garden State Radio
Sunday, July 7: Bobby O In De Bay,
Triple Rail Turn, S.T.O.R.M., Garden State Radio
Monday, July 8: Bobby On De Bay, Full Circle, S.T.O.R.M., Shake 3X
Tuesday, July 9: Bobby On De Bay,
Opposite Directions, I&I Riddim Reggae,
Lima Bean Riot
Wednesday, July 10: Bobby On De Bay,
Full Circle Duo, I&I Riddim Reggae, The Rockets
Thursday, July 11: DJ Bobby O,
The Freddie Long Band, Innasense,
Go Go Gadjet