Voices From The Readers – July 5, 2019

Voices From The Readers – July 5, 2019

Harris Credited For Drilling Vote


Congressman Andy Harris recently took a stand on behalf of his constituents against expanded offshore drilling. Marylanders have made it clear, and he listened: our coastal economy is incompatible with offshore oil drilling activities. Our fishermen, coastal business owners and Realtors depend on a clean Chesapeake Bay and healthy Atlantic coastline for their livelihoods. It’s plain and simple – our way of life in Ocean City is dependent on an oil-free coast, and I’m thankful Congressman Harris is working to keep it that way.

As the CEO of the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, I know that economic decisions made in Washington must be grounded in an honest understanding of local industries that support our coastal economy back home. According to Oceana, Maryland’s clean and healthy coast supports 96,000 jobs and $6 billion in GDP – an economic driver that can’t be ignored. Congressman Harris showed his support for Maryland’s clean coast economy by voting in support of amendments that would block expanded offshore drilling activities for one year, an important step in the fight to protect our coast.

The administration’s plan to expand offshore drilling to Maryland’s shores flies in the face of opposition from leaders across the political spectrum. In a hyper-partisan climate where it’s easy to find division, this issue unifies us. House votes to block funding for expanded offshore drilling passed with flying colors. Back home, our state leaders are on the same page, with Governor Hogan and Attorney General Frosh both saying no to this dirty and dangerous venture.

As we continue to fight the good fight at every level of government, let’s remember – oil spills do not respect state boundaries. An oil spill anywhere off the Atlantic coast could imperil Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay. A catastrophe like the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster could spoil the mouth of the Bay and pollute critical spawning grounds for the blue crab, the most valuable fishery in the region. Marylanders cannot afford this risk. That’s why we will continue to urge our representatives to do everything they can to protect our coast.

Congressman Harris should be applauded for his efforts to protect our coast from offshore drilling and seismic air gun blasting. Opening Maryland’s coast to this dirty and dangerous industry would be a forever decision. We have the political will; it’s time that we say “no” to offshore drilling for good.

Melanie Pursel

Ocean City

(The writer is the president and CEO of the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce.)


County Concerns Unfounded


I am writing in reference to the article “White Horse Park Residents Fear Forced Displacement.”

Mr. Tudor from Development Review and Permitting in a report he wrote to the planning commission about having concerns about the impact year-round occupancy would have on the infrastructure such as the roads as well as water and sewer.

I do know not why Mr. Tudor is concerned. Worcester County does not repair, replace our roads. Emergency vehicles come and go in and out of the park when necessary.

The water and sewer system handles the park of 465 units in the summer so I cannot see how 110 units containing elderly in the winter is going to over flow the system. Is Worcester County afraid an elderly person will take more than four or five showers a week? Or they may use more than two forks and knives and two plates a day to wash?

Besides all this Worcester County does not maintain our pipes or sewers. We as an association maintain everything with our monthly dues.

Worcester County you get a half a million dollars of property taxes from us. That’s at least several billions over 35 years. We in White Horse Park do not benefit from one penny from the county on infrastructure so why are you telling us about our infrastructure and how to maintain the park. For over 33 years people have been living here full time. The infrastructure has been good all along with upgrades as needed.

What’s the big deal? Put in writing what the county has allowed to go on for 33 years and what the White Horse Park Board of Directors have allowed.

Don’t get me started on real-estate agents. How many manipulated the buyers in White Horse Park? But that’s a story for another time.

Susan Naplachowski



Moon Landing Anniversary Worthy Of Remembering


July 20, 1969. The whole world watched as Neal Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon.

Fifty years ago, Americans celebrated together with the rest of the world. Every child wanted to be an astronaut. Thousands of American men and women worked tirelessly to pioneer new technologies that sent a manned spaceship from Earth to the Moon and safely back home.

Families and friends were glued to the television from July 16 to July 24, 1969. No one wanted to miss the amazing Saturn 5 rocket ship liftoff in Cape Canaveral, Fla. What a thrill it was to see the huge engine flames forcing the rocket to rise up through the sky. We held our breath when each empty booster was jettisoned to propel the three astronaut pilots into outer space. During the mission, we watched the tension and excitement of the men and women in Houston, Texas, as they spoke to the brave astronauts and described the complicated processes to everyone watching from Earth.

The world cheered when the eagle landed safely on the moon. We laughed and clapped as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin frolicked on the moon, collected samples and posted the American flag. Michael Collins piloted the command module, Columbia, and successfully docked with the Eagle Lunar Lander, bringing all three men safely home to splash down in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii.

Celebrations and parades were held throughout the world to honor the brave men and women who made this historical journey possible. Velcro, Tang, baby formula, freeze drying, space blankets, memory foam, Dust Busters, middle-ear implants and ear thermometers, Super Soaker toys, reduced-drag swimsuits, mobile phones and Go-Pro cameras, artificial limbs and the world wide web are just a sample of the innovative products and discoveries that humans use every day — all thanks to the American space program.

My prayer is that Americans will continue to be brave, accept the challenge to explore the unknown and stand united to help all nations thrive in peace and prosperity. I hope you will take some time to remember and relive the most exciting and happy time in American history. When humankind all stood together as one and declared, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!”

Anna Foultz

Ocean Pines


Overzealous Task Force


A recent news report said that Delaware has the third highest number of sex offenders, per capita in the U S.

Yes, and someone should inform you why that is true; so I step in: Our “Child Predator Strike Force” (sounds great, right?) is busy arresting people for looking at pictures. They will not provide the statistics, but I bet my right arm that at least 85% of those cases are for looking at pictures, not actually molesting anyone.

I have researched and studied this issue, and, while clearly such people may need counseling, there is no evidence that looking at pictures leads to acting out. None. Some zealous woman buying into what I call “sex offender hysteria” challenged my statement to this effect, and suggested I read a certain study. That was about three years ago and I wish I could remember the author of that study, but I cannot. I had the library get that study for me, and it was a report concerning a sample of seven people, seven hand-picked people. Ridiculously inadequate for any valid conclusion.

While it is nearly treasonous to say anything negative about a Biden in Delaware, this was started by Beau Biden — not a very good attorney general — and it needlessly continues to ruin lives and waste millions of your tax dollars.

I just sent this email to our new — and very good – Attorney General Kathy Jennings, though I do not expect the embarrassing response.

Dear Kathy,

They will not provide the statistics, but I bet my right arm that at least 85% of those cases are for looking at pictures, not actually molesting anyone.

Will you please tell me what percentage of sex offender arrests for the past five years has been for actually molesting someone, or trying to meet an underage person for such purpose?

Ken Abraham


(The writer is a former deputy attorney general and founder of Citizens for Criminal Justice.)