Great Fishing and The First Blue Marlin of the 2019 Season


It was a very windy, but beautiful day in and around Ocean City with sunny skies and warm temperatures.  Traffic was a joke both on land and on the water, but before the chaos started there was some good fishing to be had and the ocean going fleet had a short window and used it wisely and put some nice fish in the box.

Offshore fishing was reely good once again today and even though the tuna grounds were crowded the fish cooperated anyway.  Captain Mike Burt and mates David Burt and Brain Denton of Pumpin’ Hard not only put their crew on 8 yellowfin tuna and two mahi, they also caught and released the season’s first blue marlin.  Pumpin Hard will receive $2,500 from the Ocean City Marlin Club for releasing the Club’s first blue marlin of the season.


Captain Anthony Matarese Jr. and the crew of Reel Chaos had an awesome day out in the canyons today releasing a white marlin and boxing a limit of yellowfin tuna and some gaffer mahi.  Thanks to Sunset Marina for the shot!

open water and blue sky orsted ad


The Talkin’ Trash with Captain Chris Little broke off what could have been the season’s first blue marlin, but they didn’t break off a limit of yellowfin tuna or a total of 37 counting releases.


Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey put his crew on the meat today too putting his crew on some mahi and a limit of 18 yellowfin tunas.


The Wrecker with Captain Jeremy Blunt may not have had the most tuna today, but he certainly had the biggest.  Captain Jeremy put his crew on 13 yellowfin tuna and two bigeyes that weighed 142 and 185 pounds.


Captain Chris Watkowski and mate Ayrton “The Kayak Crouton” Pryor of the Spring Mix II showed their anglers a good time putting three yellowfin tuna in the fish box along with some gaffer mahi.


Ryan Oberholtzer and crew had a great time fishing the Poor Man’s Canyon today where they put six yellowfin tuna in the box for some first time tuna catchers.


The ocean going party boat fleet had some luck with the bottom fishes today in the calm weather window.  Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star was able to put his anglers on some nice sea bass and a couple of flounder.

Hi Scott, 
Thought it prudent to lay to the wharf in yesterday’s westerly near-gale. Enjoyed a pretty day on the ocean today. 
Although fussy at first, the cbass bite improved most of the day. Lots of catching & enough keepers for some to get into double digits. 
Mark Telp of Baltimore had the heaviest cbass today – an 18.5 inch male that won him the money. ManMythLegend, & portly ambassador to all things fishing, Hurricane Murray of Ellicott City MD took 2nd (which pays nothing!) 
Also pictured are Nevin Johnson of Hatfield PA – Tom Grover of Annapolis – Andrew Wagner of Middle River MD – Paul Thom of York PA – & Richard Telp of Baltimore..


Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a steady pick of sea bass today as well for his anglers.

62544080_10162105511635105_4956874245108924416_n-169x300.jpg 62567226_10162105511140105_1829061764881317888_n-169x300.jpg 62585427_10162105510820105_7381178207602475008_n-169x300.jpg

The Judith M with Captain John Bunting at the helm fished the bass grounds with clam baits and had happy anglers putting 13″ to 15″ sea bass in their coolers.

thumbnail_Victor-Jenks-Akron-PA-225x300.jpg thumbnail_Strohm-and-Jackson-Edwards-Hillsboro-DE-225x300.jpg thumbnail_Aaron-Deminick-and-Hunter-Kephart-Houtzdale-PA-225x300.jpg

Captains Frank Pettolina had a 1/2 day inshore trip on board the Last Call today where young Matt caught some bluefish for his granddad’s smoker.


There was some pretty good flounder fishing in the back bay before the wind started blowing.  Captain John Prather of Ocean City Guide Service had the East vs. West military veterans trip this morning and found them some keeper flounder.  This afternoon it was some good shooting for cow nosed rays.



Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters found the clean water and some good flounder action this morning on the high tide.

64565423_1553764028087386_8024091089046601728_n-223x300.jpg 64362383_1553764298087359_7904641520194551808_n-223x300.jpg 64507142_1553764074754048_7845279896728240128_n-223x300.jpg

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters put his anglers on some good fishing today that produced bluefish, small rockfish and a keeper flounder.

IMG_5199-2-225x300.jpg IMG_3717-225x300.jpeg IMG_3720-300x225.jpg

Tim Bunting didn’t mind the wind, and either did the 17 1/2″ and 19″ flounder that he boxed today.

Screen-Shot-2019-06-15-at-9.03.32-PM-238x300.png Screen-Shot-2019-06-15-at-9.03.46-PM-279x300.png

Big Bird Cropper and neighbor Dave had a great morning releasing some short rockfish and boxing four keeper flounder.


Bear down at the Oceanic Pier sent this photo of Jeff Memges from PA who caught this nice 24″ weakfish from the 2nd street bulkhead using a white Gulp for bait.


Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowifishing has been up for 94 hours, but it takes determination, and 5 hour energy, to put shooters on action like last night’s gar and snakehead and today’s cow nosed and southern rays.

20190614_211754-225x300.jpg 20190614_231347-225x300.jpg 20190615_005004-225x300.jpg 20190615_184242-225x300.jpg 20190615_183917-225x300.jpg 20190615_184103-225x300.jpg

Today was day one of the 40th Annual Small Boat Tournament put on by the Ocean City Marlin Club and it was a busy first day at the scales.  This is what the leaderboard looks like after the first day of fishing.


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