Cops And Courts – June 7, 2019

Cops And Courts – June 7, 2019

Dog Burglary Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A local man was arrested on first-degree burglary charges last week after allegedly breaking into a downtown residence and taking the occupant’s service dog.

Around 10:30 p.m. last Wednesday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to an apartment building on North Division Street for a reported civil dispute. The officer met with a female victim who reportedly told police she lived at the apartment with another man and that she was in charge of taking care of the man’s service dog while he was in the hospital.

The victim told police she left the dog at the apartment around 7:30 p.m. and did not return until about 10 p.m. She told police when she returned to the apartment, her boyfriend was there, but the other man’s service dog was not. The boyfriend told police he returned to the apartment around 8:15 p.m., but did not see the dog. He told police he did not think anything of it at the time because he believed the service dog was likely at the hospital with its owner.

The victim told police she believed another acquaintance, identified as Christopher Walls, 46, of Ocean City, likely had the dog and that she did not want to press any charges at that time. The OCPD officer left the area at that point to begin to attempt to locate Walls and the service dog.

A short time later, the OCPD officer spoke again with the female victim, who reportedly told police she had spoken with the dog’s owner in the hospital and that they had decided they wanted to press charges against Walls. The OCPD officer spoke to the dog’s owner over the phone and was told only the female victim had permission to have the dog.

In the meantime, another OCPD officer reported seeing Walls with the dog outside the health center on Caroline Street. The original officer responded to the area and found Walls with the stolen service dog lying on the ground at his feet. When asked what he was doing with the dog, Walls reportedly told police, “I was just taking him for a walk.”

At that point, Walls was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary, theft and trespassing. When questioned further, Walls reportedly told police he had permission to enter the unit and had permission to take the service dog for a walk.


Assault Charge For Cop Shove

OCEAN CITY — A Catonsville man was arrested last week after getting asked to leave a midtown nightclub property and allegedly assaulting an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer.

Around 12:50 a.m. last Tuesday, an OCPD officer was working a Reducing Availability of Alcohol to Minors (RAAM) detail at a midtown bar when he observed an employee asking Jalen Butler, 23, of Catonsville, to leave the property. However, according to police reports, Butler continued to walk around the private parking lot and started shouting derogatory insults at the OCPD officer.

Butler was reportedly told by police to leave the premises, but did not comply. According to police reports, Butler told the OCPD officer “Look man, I’m [expletive deleted] active duty United States Marine Corps and I will break your [expletive deleted] neck,” as a group of other patrons gathered around the scene.

Butler was told he was under arrest at that point, but began to run away from OCPD officers. At one point, he allegedly shoved one OCPD officer before fleeing the scene on foot. He was apprehended a short time later and was charged with trespassing and second-degree assault on an officer.


Passed Out In Wrong Unit

OCEAN CITY — A Woodbridge, Va. man was arrested on burglary and other charges last week after allegedly breaking into a downtown residence and falling asleep in a spare bedroom.

Around 5:45 a.m. last Sunday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to a residence on Baltimore Avenue for a reported breaking and entering that had already occurred. The officer met with the condominium’s occupant who told police he was awakened by the sound of snoring coming from a guest room. The victim reportedly told police that only he and his wife were supposed to be in the unit.

The victim told police he investigated the snoring and found Wilson Romero, 34, of Woodbridge, Va., sleeping on a bed in the guest room. The victim told police he led his wife out of the unit, pointing out he had to unlock the door to do so. The victim then took the officer around the back of the condo building to show the officer how Romero had entered.

The officer observed the back window screen to be torn and the window to be wide open. The OCPD officer entered the unit and found the suspect to be sleeping on a bed. The officer awakened Romero and handcuffed him. Romero reportedly told police he belonged in the unit because he was staying on 2nd Street.

He also reportedly told police he had to go through the window because his key didn’t work. According to police reports, Romero exhibited signs of intoxication. He was arrested and charged with burglary, intoxicated endangerment, trespassing and malicious destruction of property.


Naked Man Attempts To Enter Wrong Unit

OCEAN CITY — A Beltsville, Md. man was arrested on indecent exposure and other charges last weekend after allegedly attempting to enter a downtown motel room and banging on the door while completely naked.

Around 6:20 a.m. last Friday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to a motel on 29th Street for a reported disorderly male attempting to get into a room. The complainant told police he was staying in room 14 of the motel and a male wearing only boxing shorts was attempting to get into his room.

Upon arrival, the OCPD observed Josue Louissant, 23, of Beltsville, pulling on the door handle of unit 14 nearly completely naked wearing only pink socks. According to police reports, the officer approached Louissant and asked what the issue was. Louissant reportedly told the officer he just trying to get into his unit.

When informed he was not staying in unit 14 and that the occupant had called police, Louissant reportedly corrected to officer and said he was staying in Salisbury. When told he was in Ocean City, Louissant reportedly said, “Plot twist, I knew that.” When asked why he was naked, Louissant reportedly told the officer he was just trying to get into his room.

During the entire discussion, Louissant was completely naked except for his socks while the victim and others peered out their motel room windows. In the end, Louissant was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.


Obstructing An Investigation

OCEAN CITY — A Selbyville man was arrested on disorderly conduct and obstructing and hindering charges last weekend after allegedly interfering with a police investigation of a traffic collision.

Around 10 p.m. last Friday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers were investigating a motor vehicle crash at 44th Street when they were approached by a suspect, later identified as Charles Arthur, 23, of Selbyville. Arthur reportedly approached the officers while they were attempting to secure another suspect in a transport van.

According to police reports, Arthur launched into an expletive-laced tirade at the OCPD officers and was told multiple times to move back and not interfere with the investigation. When Arthur did not comply with the officers’ orders, police attempted to take him into custody, but he resisted and had to be taken to the ground. He was ultimately arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing and hindering.