Ocean Pines To Enforce Key Card Access At Dog Park

Ocean Pines To Enforce Key Card Access At Dog Park
A key card reader is pictured outside the Ocean Pines dog park. Submitted Photo

BERLIN — Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Department will begin to enforce key card access to its dog park on Monday, May 13 at the Manklin Meadows complex in the south end of the community.

The dog park, which includes benches, a water station, and dog waste bags, features an enclosed space and a double-gated entry.

The fenced-in area allows dogs to run free and play allowing for socialization and recreation in a safe environment. Separate sections are available for large dogs more than 28 pounds and for smaller dogs less than 28 pounds to ensure a positive tail-wagging experience for everyone.

The Recreation and Parks Department accepts dog park membership registration at 235 Ocean Parkway in Ocean Pines. The annual cost of each dog is $25 for residents and $50 dollars for non-residents. One additional dog may be registered at the same time for $10 for residents and $15 for non-residents. All dogs must be at least 4 months old, licensed and up-to-date on all their shots. Records of shots, including rabies vaccination, must be presented at the time of registration. Each dog membership will include a key card for access to the park.

For additional information about the Ocean Pines Dog Park registrations, call 410-641-7052.