New MD Bowfishing Record


It was another beautiful spring day in and around Ocean City today with light winds, sunny skies and warm temps.  The clouds rolled in this afternoon and there was a sprinkle here and there, but it was still a great day.

NOAA Fisheries has made an announcement that starting May 11, 2019 there will be an adjustment to the daily retention limit for Atlantic Bluefin tuna for the remainder of the season.  This effects private and charter/party boats with the HMS (Highly Migratory Species) permit fishing for bluefin tuna recreationally.  The new daily retention limits are as follows:

Private Boats:  Two (2) small BFT 27″ to less than 47″ and one (1) large school/small medium BFT from 47″ to less than 73″.

Charter/Party Boats:  Three (3) small BFT from 27″ to less than 47″ and one (1) large school/small medium BFT from 47″ to less than 73″.

This is good news for bluefin tuna fisherman that will be permitted to keep 3 total bluefins on private boats and 4 total bluefins on charter / party boats……if the fish cooperate.

Last night Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing was out for an after dark bowfishing trip and had an awesome night.  Captain Marc had another good night of shooting and also put a client on a new Bowfishing Association of America MD state record for long nose gar.  The big gar was 49.5″ long and weighed 21 pounds, 7 ounces.

20190508_182203-225x300.jpg 20190508_182247-225x300.jpg 20190508_015344-300x225.jpg

Some of the kids from the Berlin Middle School fishing club were out on the water with my buddies from the ACSA today and had a great time catching some snapper bluefish in the inlet.


Bob Haltmeier had another great day down at the Oceanic Pier with some fellow anglers as the bluefish bite continues to be hot on spec rigs, bucktails, Gotcha plugs and Roy Rigs.

Attach1-2-276x300.jpg Attach0-7-300x257.jpg Attach0-2-3-271x300.jpg

This evening Captain Drew Zerbe of the Tortuga had a 2 boat fleet on the rip. Team A consisted of Chris Sullivan and Donna Gutridge aboard the “Honey Badger” landing 5 bluefish. (Sullivan claims he caught all 5). Team B was Eric Strauss, Larry Weber and Captain Drew aboard “Bahia Skimmer #2” boxing 11.  Two fish mysteriously did not make the picture.  Caught on Gotchas, Snapper Zappers, Roy Rigs and other assorted jigs on both sides of Kelly Draw on the outgoing tide.


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