Voices From The Readers – May 3, 2019

Voices From The Readers – May 3, 2019

Continue The Fight, Pray To Cure Cancer


Spring showers bring May flowers, Mother’s Day, Springfest and Relay for Life. We are beach people and want warm and sunny weather. When we don’t get it, we become disappointed.

In another situation, cancer patients, cancer survivors and cancer caretakers want a sunny cure for this dreaded disease, cancer.

Disappointment in life is a reality. We have it every day. To have cancer, is a very tramatic happening in one’s life and the crisis that one has to endure can be overbearing for the patient and their family. The weather can change from bad to good on a whim. Having cancer might change but it is a struggle to overcome. Some of us change and some don’t. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It effects young, old, black, white and all ethnic groups.

As a 16-year survivor, I pray and hope that one day we can celebrate the cure for all cancers. Everyone I know, has family, friend or themselves who have suffered from cancer. The American Cancer Society, like myself, has a goal to raise funds. We need your help. Please give to your local chapter. Our theme this year is “HOPE AMONG THE STARS.” Stars represent many things such as our wishes, our spirits or our quality of life. When stars twinkle, we are reminded that we all share the same stars and same power to make a difference in the world. For all people, we need the power to fight back and cure cancer.

On May 11, the American Cancer Society is having a Relay for Life at Frontier Town, Berlin, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is a community event to honor survivors. Our mission is simple, fight back and cure this disease. We must help people to stay healthy and well.

I found this quote on a key chain given to volunteers at Atlantic General Hospital. “LOVE, STRENGTH, COURAGE — LOVE of both the caregiver and patient, STRENGTH for the endurance and determination of the patient and COURAGE to work through the unknown”.

Every year I write to the local papers about the Relay for Life and pray and hope my message is clear.

Fight and pray to cure cancer.

God Bless to all

Nick Bartolomeo

Selbyville, Del.


Response To Letter


In response to the letter, “Our Direction Questioned,” I urge Carol Frazier and all readers to listen to the April 4 NPR program on “the 1a.org”. I also was somewhat sickened by the thought of late-term abortions, but after listening to the poor women who had to make this difficult decision, I have changed my mind.

These women sincerely wanted these babies and through sobs and tears told their heart-wrenching stories of their decision. All abortions were performed for medical reasons and to save their babies from a brief life of pain and suffering we can’t even imagine. Please listen.

The comparison you are attempting with the protection of the Bald/Golden eagle is bizarre and questionable.

Also, I am sick of people not wanting to allow women to have a choice for their reproductive decisions, but are totally sure they don’t want to help pay for assistance for these children. How can people be so uncaring. I find it hard to understand.

Christine McGillen