Flounder and the Season’s First Kingfish


It was another overcast kind of bluh day today with some major fog over the bay and Ocean City until early afternoon, but it didn’t rain, winds were light again and temperatures were warm so anglers were out giving it a shot.  There is some rain and potential thunderstorms in the forecast for tonight and it’s supposed to be W. I. N. D. Y. tomorrow so hopefully it doesn’t mess the water conditions up.

The Evans crew was back to trolling the Thorofare and route 90 bridge today, but their efforts were only able to produce one flounder.  Johhny, Evan, Fulton and Hunter used live minnows and one 18″ keeper fell for them.


Jason Ruditys and Jackie Maffei fished the Assateague surf using bloodworms and were able to catch and release some short stripers and the first kingfish (whiting) that I’ve seen this year.  I’m pretty certain there are no restrictions on kingfish in MD and they are very good to eat if they are big enough to mess with cleaning!

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