Voices From The Readers – March 22, 2019

Voices From The Readers – March 22, 2019

Opposed To Cancellation Of Library Presentation


“Law-abiding Trump supporters who did absolutely nothing wrong were made to appear to be the equivalent of a pitchfork- and torch-carrying mob” is the valid opinion that I heard from a real great American patriot with regard to the March 6 cancelled library presentation.

The presentation was about the Constitution and how it sets forth the procedures for impeachment. Some conservatives, like myself, were concerned that there would be violence as illustrated all over the U.S. perpetrated by Democrats attacking Trump supporters. I asked if the library will consider having a sheriff present. The Berlin head librarian said, “I think it would be a good idea.”

What is going on in America today is normal behavior in Third World, dictatorial governments. We Americans used to pride ourselves about how we can have an election and no violence would follow no matter who got e-lected. We used to have a media that actually reported facts without regard to who it might offend.

Now we have a media, with the exception of Fox News and OAN, (One America News Network), that just lies, not only fake news, but bold-face lies. They exaggerate, leave out details and examples of their accusations. It has been proven that the alphabet networks, with the exception of OAN, report negatively about Trump 91-percent of the time. The media, late night comedies, and our educational system have fostered and greatly influenced the violence that is taking place today against conservatives.

Consider what happens when a conservative goes to a college to speak. Did you ever, ever imagine that wearing a hat or shirt that promotes making the country you live in a better place would provoke a violent act against you? Conservatives are branded “extremists” by the liberal-progressive-socialists. Extreme in what way please? We were not the party of slavery in the past, nor are we the party of baby murder as proven today.

Take a good look at all the violent activity taking place in America today, like the riots that torch neighborhoods and stores. Take a look at Steve Scalise being shot down, with many other Republicans to follow if it were not for good men with guns stopping it. Editor, may I have one or two full pages to list the extremists, their activities and what party they belong to?

I found consolation in the idea that Worcester County was above all this biased, non-substantiated reporting as it applies to our daily lives. The distorted report of who it was to blame for the library presentation blew that notion out of the water. The left-wing Trump-hating disease is here. For those of you suffering from “The Hate Trump Derangement Syndrome,” try printing out all his America first accomplishments for only his past two years, 14 pages, the most accomplished president for this time span in U.S. history.

Dennis W Evans


More Library Presentation Oppostion


On March 6 at the Berlin library, a scheduled informative lecture on impeachment and the 25th Amendment was cancelled.

The notification read “the program’s purpose had been misrepresented” and a number of people have taken to the internet and social media to express their opposition of the presentation. Some threatened to disrupt the presentation and to use the event to hold a rally. Those postings raise a concern for the safety of those who planned to attend and the patrons of the library including children using the library at the time of the presentation.

I took the liberty and called the Berlin director Jennifer Ranck, a wonderful asset to the county, due to the threatened nature she made the call to cancel. What about my rights as a resident and citizen to receive informative information? Is this going to happen if I take a class at Wor-Wic Community College?

Enough of these minority people disrupting our lives. Ocean City belongs to not only the residents but the many visitors.

Maria Lawrence
Ocean City

Thanks For Remarkable Film Festival


On behalf of the Art League of Ocean City, we would like to thank everyone who supported and made this year’s Ocean City Film Festival a huge success. We welcomed nearly 1,500 Film Festival attendees, a rec-ord-breaking crowd.

The 100 films we screened came from 80 filmmakers, 12 different countries, and 20 different states, with 40 films produced in Maryland. The festival showcased industry professionals as well as university students, young filmmakers, and local talent, and gave them an opportunity to network with others who share their passion. While the event is only in its third year, the overwhelming response will ensure its growth in future years.

Our gratitude goes out to the venues who screened the films: Clarion Resort, Princess Royale Hotel, Fox Gold Coast Theater, Carousel Hotel, Francis Scott Key Resort, and the Ocean City Performing Arts Center. The weekend began with a reception at the Princess Royale and culminated with an award ceremony and reception at Seacrets. We are grateful to both venues for their wonderful hospitality.

The highlight of the festival for many was the Delmarva premiere of “The Biggest Little Farm,” a film that chronicled the lives of John and Molly Chester and their odyssey to bring harmony to both their lives and their land. Thank you to director John Chester and executive producer Erica Cramer Messer, both Stephen Decatur High School alumni, for sharing this beautiful film and for coming home to join us for the premiere.

Thank you to our judges: John Sisson, Allen Cramer, Don Lehman, Gwen Lehman, Julian Sidur, Marlon Wallace, Dave Messick, Simona Cal-in and Jonathan Pippin. Thank you to our committee members who worked many months to coordinate the event: Ruth Waters, Katie Brown, Elaine Bean, Debbi Dean-Colley, and Ryan Wilde. Our appreciation also goes out to the volunteers who staffed the screenings and helped at the filmmaker reception.

Special thanks to our lead sponsor, the Town of Ocean City. We are grateful to all of our sponsors and advertisers: Ward Museum, Maryland Film Office, Seacrets, Carousel Hotel, Harrison Group Hotels, Hotel-Motel-Res-taurant Association, Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, Residence Inn Marriott, Seacrets, Shore Craft Beer, Worcester County Tourism, The Original Greene Turtle, Jolly Roger Amusement Parks, Dunes Manor, Shenanigan’s, Sun & Surf Cinema, Fager’s Island, and D3 Corp.

The festival would not have been a success without our valued media partners who helped us get the word out: Ocean City Today, Maryland Coast Dispatch, Delmarva Public Radio, Ocean 98 and WBOC/WRDE.

Thank you to the festival’s workshop instructors: Rob Waters, Rob Bell and Jack Gerbes and the team from the Maryland Film Office who explored topics like screen writing, shooting in Maryland, and networking opportunities.

Finally, to our audiences, who laughed, shed a tear, asked insightful questions, and enthusiastically applauded, we appreciate you choosing to spend your time with us.

Mark your calendars for the 4th Annual Ocean City Film Festival in March 2020. In the meantime, experience independent film screenings year-round by joining us for our $5 Film Nights on the third Saturday of every month at the Ocean City Center for the Arts on 94th St. bayside.

Rina Thaler
B.L. Strang
Kristin Helf
(Thaler is the executive director of the Art League of Ocean City, and Strang-Moya and Helf served as director and co-director of the festival.)


Praise For Salisbury Leadership


Over the past few years, there have been many positive changes on the Lower Shore.

Salisbury is now Maryland’s fast-est-growing city and America’s seventh fastest growing job market thanks to the leadership of Mayor Jacob Day. Much of this can be credited to the bold, progressive ideas that Mayor Day has implemented to grow and prepare the city for the future.

Under his leadership, Salisbury has enacted a Housing First program to address homelessness, revitalized downtown, added youth programs like summer youth employment, Salisbury Rhinos football, and the opening of Truitt Street Community Center.

Finally, approving beautification projects such as the construction of the new Riverwalk Amphitheater, the addition of a fountain in the Wicomico River, the Riverwalk completion, downtown parking garage graphics, and the Main Street streetscape gives Salisbury a modern feel. This bold leadership has led to growth and new opportunity in Salisbury.

Bold leadership doesn’t stop at the mayor’s office. We can also see it with newly-elected Councilman Josh Hastings of Wicomico District 4 who brings fresh ideas to the council. Though he has only been on the council a few short months, Councilman Hastings was instrumental in the creation of a new park at Pirate’s Wharf. He also has a platform on funding schools and working with the municipalities across the county to address issues and create more jobs.

With the progress made by these two great leaders, it is clear we should strive to elect more progressive leaders to lead us moving forward.

Jared Schablein


Thanks For Patrick Henry


The officers and members of The Germantown School Community Heritage Center (GSCHC) are sincerely grateful to Patrick Henry and his staff for the African-American exhibit displayed during the month of February.

We cannot adequately express our appreciation to Patrick and his amazing talent and time spent explaining the exhibit to the many visitors.

We extend a deep sense of gratitude to the public for donations supporting our effort to install a picture-hanging system in the center.

The turnout to view the exhibit was overwhelming.

Barbara Purnell
President GSCHC