OCPD’s Uniform Change To Save Thousands

OCEAN CITY – A subtle change to Ocean City Police Department uniforms is expected to save tens of thousands of dollars.

On Monday, Ocean City Police Lt. Glen McIntyre presented the town’s police commission with a new uniform line that will reduce costs and consolidate biking and patrol apparel.

“When I took over for Todd Wood downstairs I started to really take a look at our uniform line, what we were doing and how we were doing it,” he said. “I found out we were spending an inordinate amount of money with regards to uniforms because we’re carrying multiple lines of uniforms.”

McIntyre explained the department currently carries midnight navy patrol uniforms – including jackets, pants, and long- and short-sleeve shirts – as well as biking uniforms, which include black shorts and black and royal blue shirts.

“When we finally spec’d it all out and started to look at the cost, we figured out that to outfit an officer top to bottom we’re spending about $4,500 per officer …,” he said. “That was kind of shocking to the conscience because I don’t think we ever really looked at it in that regard.”

In an effort to simplify the uniform lines, McIntyre said those on patrol in the summer season will wear black pants and biking shirts, while those on bikes will wear black shorts and biking shirts. During the winter, officers will wear black pants and black, long-sleeve shirts.

“We are going to transition to basically black on black with the regular patrol uniform, so we can wear it in combination with things like the bike shirt and the bike jacket,” he said. “That eliminates extra winter jackets.”

McIntyre told the commission simplifying the apparel, in addition to a new vendor, would lead to significant savings.

“Top to bottom, we’re going to save somewhere in the area of about 30 percent in our overall uniform budget,” he said. “We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars.”

McIntyre noted the transition would be fully implemented by the summer season.

“When somebody needs something, we’ll have it in stock because we are carrying the same line for seasonal officers …,” he said. “We haven’t had that luxury in a long, long time.”

McIntyre added the department is not asking for any additional funds.

“We didn’t think it appropriate to pull the trigger and move that direction without you all getting a chance to see it and understand what we are doing,” he said.

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