Worcester Prep Pre-Kindergartens Invite Lower School Students To Pay $1 For Fundraiser To Adopt A Polar Bear

Students DStudents EErika Phillips’ and Jennifer Hoen’s Worcester Prep Pre-Kindergarten class invited the Lower School students to pay $1 to wear pajamas to school on Jan. 25 for a fundraiser to adopt a polar bear. The class came up with the idea to adopt a polar bear while studying bears and hibernation and reading the book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” They implemented their plan, raised enough money to adopt a bear and celebrated by “going on a bear hunt” and eating bear-shaped pancakes for breakfast. Pictured, left from left, Kingsley Giardina, Isabella Labin, Lucca Martin, Sloane Kremer, Mykolas Doyle, Peter VanDalen and Marshal Hidell; middle, Priya Garg, Avrum Gudelsky, Amalia Gjikuria, Jace Zervakos, Nora Rafinski, Nirlep Dhorajiya and Graham Knowlton; and, back, Hoen and Phillips. Below, Nirlep Dhorajiya, hugs the polar bear plush he found on the bear hunt.