Gorgeous Day Off Here


I just got back from a long ride coming back from the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA and was greeted by a nice report from Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star who had some beautiful conditions today and some nice tog over the rail.

Such a gorgeous day off here; slight swell from the NNE and almost no wind – pretty.
Had a trying morning though. Oftimes the nicer it is, the harder it is to anchor—and was; plus the bite was all but nonexistent. When the current changed, however, we found a slooow bite of nice tog.
Picture of single fish is JoJo of Queens NY who tagged & released this dandy – a 26.5 inch, 14 lb female. Because we do our tog pool by length, not balance scale, JoJo’s fish won the money even though it swam away..
Also pictured (with fish headed to the table!) are Brendan Duffy (24inch) of Pinebrook NJ – John & Jon Amador of Ocean Port NJ – & Casper Pierdomentico (24 inch) of Upper Chichester PA..


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