Worcester Prep Kindergartens Study The Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle

Students DStudents EWorcester Prep kindergarten teacher Angie Bunting and her students studied the monarch butterfly lifecycle while raising them in their classroom. As part of a fall science project, students watched the eggs hatch into caterpillars, which then munched continuously on milkweed plants. One by one, fattened caterpillars crawled to the top to form a “J” and made their chrysalises. About four to six weeks later, beautiful monarchs emerged and dried their crumpled wings, ready for flight. It was hard to say goodbye, but the kindergarteners were happy for the butterflies to migrate to a warmer climate, Students pictured left are Albert Cornescu, Rawnak Brar, Camille Leslie and Olivia Mason. Right are Gavin Dennis, Hunter Harrison, Madelyn Bobenko and Soloman Prosser.