Cops And Courts – November 23, 2018

Cops And Courts – November 23, 2018

Trespasser Pleads Guilty

OCEAN CITY — A New York man, arrested in September during an unsanctioned motor vehicle event after being asked to move his vehicle from a midtown restaurant parking lot, pleaded guilty to trespassing last week.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 28, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was on patrol in the midtown area when he was approached by a restaurant owner who advised there were several people parking their vehicles in his parking lot that were not patrons of his restaurant. The owner told police he wanted those people and their vehicles removed from his parking lot.

The officer and the business owner approached the individuals and asked them to leave, remove their vehicles and gave them trespass warnings. The business owner told one of the individuals, identified as Alexander Savicevic, 25, of Beechhurst, N.Y., along with a female companion that if they weren’t going to buy anything from his business, they would have to leave the property.

According to police reports, Savicevic and his female companion said okay, but continued to stay on the property. The OCPD officer then ordered Savicevic to leave the property if they weren’t going to purchase anything from the business.

About a half an hour later, OCPD Communications received a call reporting a man in the parking lot of the same business who had a handgun and was threatening the owner. OCPD officers responded and met with the business owner again, who told police Savicevic was back in the parking lot and that several people had told him Savicevic was in the parking lot looking to beat him up.

According to police reports, one witness told the business owner Savicevic had a handgun in the small of his back. Another witness told the business owner Savicevic put a black glove on his right hand and had said he was looking for the business owner to “take care of him,” according to police reports.

OCPD officers located Savicevic and his female companion in the parking lot and detained them. After confirming the couple had never purchased anything from the business, OCPD officers arrested Savicevic for trespassing.

During a search incident to the arrest, OCPD officers located a black glove with a hard plastic covering over the knuckles simulating brass knuckles in Savicevic’s back pocket.

The witness told police he and another individual then warned the property owner about the threat. Last week, Savicevic pleaded guilty to trespassing. The disposition of his case has not been made public.


Knife Possession Conviction

OCEAN CITY — A Baltimore man, arrested in October after allegedly damaging a door in a condo he was helping his girlfriend renovate before leaving the scene and slashing her vehicle with a knife, pleaded guilty last week to possession of an assisted opening knife.

Around 10:40 p.m. on Oct. 7, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to a condo at 143rd Street for a reported malicious destruction of property. Upon arrival, OCPD officers met with a female victim who told police her boyfriend, identified as Jeffrey Clary, 46, of Baltimore, had come to Ocean City with her to help with renovating her condominium.

According to police reports, the victim told police Clary had been drinking alcohol during the renovation work and became angry when she painted a door on the wrong side. The victim told police Clary struck one of the interior doors with a water bottle twice, creating two holes in the door.

According to police reports, the victim told officers Clary then went out to her truck, took out a knife and began scratching the paint. According to police reports, the scratches on the victim’s pickup truck extended from the front driver’s side wheel well to the passenger side rear taillight. Clary then left the area.

The victim told police Clary was still likely armed with the knife. A search was conducted in the area to no avail. The damage to the condo door was estimated at around $40 while the damage to the truck was estimated at about $1,000.

A few hours later, OCPD officers were called back to the condo because it was reported Clary was returning to the property. The victim told police she locked the front door and pushed a chair against the knob to keep him from entering the unit.

The investigation revealed Clary had used the knife to unlock the door. When the victim asked Clary to leave, he complied, according to police reports. OCPD officers found Clary in the condo’s parking lot and he was taken into custody.


Probation For Tossing TV

OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was placed on probation for one year after being found guilty of malicious destruction of property last week.

Just before 8 p.m. on July 20, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to a motel at 31st Street and detained Brandon Pieszala, 18, of Larksville, Pa., who yelled and screamed at police officers and attempted to slip free from his handcuffs.

OCPD officers met with the motel manager who told police she received a call that someone had thrown something from the balcony of a fifth-floor unit. The manager told police she walked outside and observed a flat-screen television smashed on the ground and also saw Pieszala standing over the smashed television looking at it.

The manager told police Pieszala denied having anything to do with the smashed television and went back up to his room on the fifth floor that was adjacent to the room from which the television was thrown, according to police reports. OCPD officers interviewed two other occupants of the room in which Pieszala was staying. Each told police Pieszala had gone out earlier to get something to eat and returned with burgers from a fast-food restaurant.

The two roommates told police Pieszala was eating the burgers in their unit, but left before finishing them. A short time later, Pieszala came running back into the room and told the two men someone had thrown a television into the street and that he was going to go down and look at it. When asked if they believed Pieszala could have thrown the television from the fifth-floor balcony, one said “I wouldn’t put it past him,” while another said Pieszala was a “wild kid.”

OCPD officers viewed surveillance footage of the area of the two rooms and observed Pieszala enter his unit and emerge a short time later from the adjacent unit without ever coming out of the front door. They then saw Pieszala go back into his unit. The officers surmised from the surveillance video Pieszala went out on his unit’s rear balcony, climbed over the railing to the adjacent balcony where he allegedly threw the television over the rail before returning to his unit.


Guilty Plea In Crack Dealing

OCEAN CITY — A Seaford, Del. man, arrested on drug distribution charges last summer after selling crack cocaine to an undercover Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer three times over the course of a week, pleaded guilty last week in Worcester County Circuit Court.

During the month of June, OCPD officers conducted an undercover buy-bust operation targeting sales of illegal narcotics in the resort. On June 28, an undercover OCPD officer made contact with a suspect dealer identified as Ronald Ricketts, Jr., 41, of Seaford, engaged in a drug-related conversation and arranged the purchase of $200 worth of crack cocaine. The deal was consummated as planned and Ricketts was allowed to leave.

On July 3, Ricketts contacted the same OCPD officer about the sale of more crack cocaine. The officer made the arrangement and met the suspect at the appointed time and place and purchased another $100 worth of crack. Finally, on July 10, the same officer arranged to meet with Ricketts to purchase another $200 worth of crack cocaine.

This time, once the deal was consummated, Ricketts was taken into custody and charged with three counts of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine. Last week, Ricketts pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and sentencing was deferred.