Voices From The Readers – September 28, 2018

Voices From The Readers – September 28, 2018

Devoid Of Compassion


I moved to this area a year ago to escape the hassles of city life and to be closer to nature. I originally planned to settle in Ocean Pines before unexpectedly finding my dream home in South Point. Fortunately for me, as an animal lover, staying out of Ocean Pines has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made since hearing about that latest incident.

“That latest incident” I’m referring to was the merciless killing of almost 300 Canada geese in the community on June 29. Three months later, I am still puzzled as to how this was allowed to happen with absolutely no substantial documented evidence that those birds were an actual health threat. Even more criminal is the fact that this event was conducted without any knowledge of the community’s residents (whose money helped fund it) until after the deed was done.

A friend described to me what it was like in Ocean Pines later that morning after the killings: eerie silence, with no sound whatsoever of wildlife. It was as if all the wild creatures knew what had happened to the geese and were in mourning.

I can tell you that if I had purchased property in that community a year ago, my property would now be on the market. It wouldn’t matter if I had purchased the finest home in all of Ocean Pines. If I wanted to live in a community which practices random acts of violence against defenseless creatures, and apparently cares little about the thoughts and opinions of its residents, I would have stayed in the city.

So congratulations, Ocean Pines. Your leaders have earned you a fine reputation as a community devoid of compassion and respect for any living things other than those individuals who support such atrocities.

Rachael Luther



Controversy Puzzling


The controversy over the euthanizing of geese in Ocean Pines is puzzling to many and me in particular. It’s puzzling because killing fowl on the Eastern Shore is and has been a way of life and we see no Bird Lives Matters movement taking root. I have a strong suspension that Perdue, the corporation, is killing chickens by the millions. Those Perdue oven roasters must come from somewhere.  Whenever I’m feeling a sense of charity to my feathered friends, I don’t  write a letter to the editor but rather bypass the BBQ’ed Buffalo Wings at the local pub and chow down on an acai bowl.

Shouldn’t we picket Kentucky Fried Chicken rather than be busting on the “Goose Group”? And how about a two-month long waterfowl hunting season? Is not our righteous indignation misplaced?

Let me be blunt, these Ocean Pines geese are the deadbeats of the avian world. For millennia, these birds have flown back to their home turf in Canada and thus the name Canada geese. Like so many migratory animals, we admired and memorialized their feats of strength and endurance. With vast amount of acreage in wheat, soybeans and corn being grown on the Eastern Shore, the glutinous goose has no reason to leave.  The weak and lazy (I’m talking birds now) have fallen into this welfare trap and won’t even go home for summer break. This has left them indolent and feckless and we now know what happens to a bird on the Eastern Shore with no feck. It’s a one-way trip to the food bank.

Milo Sporeman


An Abuse Of Power?


I want to commend the Ocean City Council and the mayor for knowing how to use a good thing over and over again. The council has decided to use its eminent domain authority to take possession of the World Gym property on 67th Street. Eminent domain allows the Ocean City government to take an owner’s property after meeting certain conditions even if the person does not want to sell.

But to comply with constitutional requirements for using the eminent domain authority, the Council has to show that the property is needed for the public good. According to Public Works Director Hal Adkins, the city decided that a new water treatment plant was needed in the 67th Street area.

Around 2012, the owner of the Slide and Ride property that was located between 64th and 65th streets filed plans to build a 100-unit hotel on his property. Back in 2012 the council again threated to take the property by its eminent domain authority unless the owner of the Slide and Ride property sold it to the city. To justify the eminent domain authority, the council also said the Slide and Ride property was needed for a new water treatment plant. Now of course we know that the Slide and Ride property was not used for a water treatment plant but now contains a boat launching facility along with a large parking area for boat trailer storage.

It would seem to me that the council’s explanation of the need for a new water treatment sewerage plant on 67th Street location is nothing but a pretense for permitting the council to use its eminent domain authority. The use of eminent domain by Ocean City Council members to take the 67th Street property is as naked an abuse of government power as can be imagined.

Joseph H. Potter

Ocean City


Letter Response


This is in response to DM Roach of Ocean City. I gladly voted for President Trump. He has been the only elected official since Ronald Reagan that has spoken up and worked harder and shown more compassion for the hard-working American citizen. As for the term Crooked Hillary, that has been the case since Bill Clinton was voted in as governor of Arkansas. Have you not heard the term the Clinton Machine? As far as her not been charged and put in jail, it was the establishment circumventing laws to make sure she and her fellow cohorts were not charged and they were all given immunity and never required to testify under oath. The full force of the establishment and our tax dollars have been used to prosecute anyone associated with President Trump and none were given immunity.

I’m not saying that American students don’t want to work in Ocean City but they can’t afford it. Most of the housing, which was inhabitable, was where the American children lived in when they worked in OC and paid outrageous rents. They have been torn down and replaced by condominiums. All J-1 visa students are provided with assistance by the Seasonal Workforce Committee, which provides them with a pamphlet outlining all the services provided. Are our American students provided with the same information?

It is very sad when an illegal immigrant commits a crime, because if that illegal immigrant were not here that crime would not be committed. As for any American who commits a crime they should be punished to the letter of law be they white, pink or any nationality.

As far as the tariffs and trade wars, this does somewhat make me uneasy, but this issue is because of the unfair tariffs which benefit other countries and not the United States. The fact is, we lost most of our manufacturing jobs, which was middle America, because of NAFTA. This is what President Trump is trying to fix. There was a time when almost everything, proudly, was made in American and you could trust the workmanship and dependability. Foreign countries have benefited a great deal by this NAFTA agreement as the expense of middle class American workers.

This multibillionaire did not have to put his life or his family’s on hold to try and help the middle class that has been decimated over the last 10 years. His fortune was not handed to him. He worked for it. I find it quite interesting that before President Trump ran for office he was the darling of the Democratic party when he was donating to them and doing fund raisers on their behalf and also the news media couldn’t get enough of the Trump family.

Please do not believe everything you hear from the misguided media, think for yourself and do your research by reliable sources, and President Trump is correct, we will be poorer. He has shown that Washington does not want to change because they like the status quo, which does not benefit the average American. The government has become too big and powerful and would prefer we all acted as sheep and just go along. There are certain cabinet offices that could be closed and sent back to the states to be locally governed where we as citizens would have a better opportunity to see where our tax dollars are going and have the opportunity to provide input. In this country, one size does not fit all.