Voices From The Readers – September 14, 2018

Voices From The Readers – September 14, 2018

Good Samaritan Thanked


I was shopping at the Berlin Walmart three weeks ago. I went to the self-service scanners and, after finishing with my purchases, used a debit card to complete payment. I requested $20 back and, while talking to a friend, forgot my receipt and $20 bill. I realized what had happened when I got home and figured my $20 was, in all likelihood, gone.

This past weekend I went back to Walmart and, just for heck of it, went to the associate working in the self-service area. Her name was Michele and she told me she remembered seeing the receipt and the $20 bill at the scanner, whereupon she put it in an envelope and sent it to the manager’s office.

I got my $20 back thanks to a remarkable associate who apparently exemplifies honesty and integrity, qualities woefully missing today. Thank you, Michele.

Dr. William Plack


Police Impressive


On Aug. 10, 2018, my wife and I were in the fourth car of a six-car chain reaction accident on Coastal Highway at 90th street.

Our car was totaled, but to my knowledge there were no major health issues with any of the occupants of all the cars. Within minutes, a number of police were at our location. Their first question was are you all right? Then Officer M. Dzurnak arrived and collected identification and registrations from all six cars. An ambulance person arrived and offered to take us to the nearest emergency room which we declined. A tow truck operator arrived to take our car off the highway and because it was raining one of the officers gave my wife shelter in a police car.

A number of young police male and female continually checked with us to be sure we were okay. Within approximately 55 minutes, Officer Dzurnak had entered all the data from everyone’s documents into a motor vehicle collision information exchange form, talked to people in each car, handed us back our individual documents, and gave us all a copy of the collision information form. He calmly talked to all of us even as other tow vehicles were helping clean up the highway. The officer in the car with my wife got permission to drive us to our condo at 52nd Street.

A big thank you and well done to the Ocean City police.

Chris Justis


Letter Response


I read the Aug. 31 letter from Palmer and Sandy Gillis and it left me feeling uncomfortable.

Imagine the difficulty in digesting your food when you’re surrounded by rich people’s yachts. These weren’t just your average rich people’s yachts flying Trump flags, but yachts flying Trump flags. The word “rich” also makes me uncomfortable. Can we agree that in the future we just refer to it as a “r” word?

If that’s not bad enough, a restaurant employee may have spit in your cobb salad in order to make a political statement. What is wrong with this establishment that it didn’t provide a “safe space” for you to hide from the world? Give me a break.

I’m going to my “safe space” now. It’s happy hour and the beers are ice cold.

Michael Miller

Ocean City


Follow Up On Trump

In response to Ken Schroyer’s letter, I don’t get angry or lose my appetite when I see a Trump flag or sign in someone’s yard. I just shake my head and think, “I cannot believe that person is bragging about supporting Trump”.

Regarding the kids who don’t want summer jobs, you must be talking about the children of the one percenters because the average hard-working American is certainly not giving their children BMWs and credit cards. “Crooked Hillary” is just a stupid nickname that Trump made up and that is parroted by his supporters. I guess she’s not very crooked since she is not in prison but guess what, his friends are.

Yes, it is very sad when an illegal immigrant commits a crime but what about all the mass murders committed by white, American born men? Trump never talks about illegal guns or assault rifles and it’s “always too early ” to do anything about it. The tariffs and trade wars are already hurting some businesses. As for the comment about Obama being illegal, I won’t even dignify that with a response.

Trump is a “little rough and tough”? No, our president is mean, very insulting, arrogant, a liar, disrespectful of women, paranoid, thin-skinned, in denial of global warming and inarticulate (“everything is great; very, very great”), He is power hungry (“I can pardon myself”) and a narcissist (“If I’m impeached, everyone will be very poor”).
It is a sad state of affairs when over two dozen officials have to publicly pledge allegiance to a president and say “I didn’t do it”. What is this — Nazi Germany or McCarthyism? Or is it like that fairytale “The Emperor Has No Clothes” where everyone is afraid to tell the truth?

D.M. Roach

Ocean City


Move Turbines Closer


I cannot seem to figure out the real reasons OC politicos are fighting against wind turbines and allowing so many false claims be pronounced.

The actual evidence from many existing turbine sites indicates increased fish habitat, which the commercial dredgers and netters hate, since they lose gear on structure, although fish populations have a major boost. There is plenty of stripped sand bottom so just avoid the structures. Of course, they will then not get as many fish, since they congregate on structure. The blades turn slowly, so birds can easily avoid them, unlike overhead power lines that kill thousands yearly.

The offers of reduced rates for power to OC should be a no-brainer. Exelon appears to dislike alternative power, unless they control it completely, so they impose all kinds of roadblocks, apparently political pressure as well. The people that have those towering condos will not be able to see much of anything despite the fear-mongering generated by the uninformed and misinformed. The wind turbines will be far out in federal waters, usually not even visible, and do not forget the federal subsidy that makes the flood insurance on your house built on sand affordable.

Based on a previous letter to the editor, I thus propose they move the towers closer, put huge garish billboards advertising like the banner planes, play loud music as like the sign boats, and start paying for ads that make false claims and phony “experts” to testify at meetings. That should please those who prefer that kind of ambiance.

Hans van den Bosch

Snow Hill


History Article Lauded


I recently read an article written by Dr. Joseph Palmisano titled, “A Tale of Two Heroes” and I wanted to respond to The Dispatch.

I enjoy reading his articles. They have interesting facts about our service men and women and how and what they did and continue to do to protect the citizens of the USA and how they looked out for each other during times of war.

Otherwise, I would not have known ow brave our troops have been during the several wars that the U.S. has participated in. Also, his articles have made me more aware of how brave and dedicated our soldiers have been during their active services to our country.

God bless our troops and America.

Judy Hughes

Ocean Pines


Pregnancy Center Relocates


Since 2010, our center has occupied a house on Old Ocean City Boulevard in Berlin, across from the entrance to Atlantic General Hospital. This has served as an ideal location for our clients due to its proximity to the services utilized by them, in addition to being accessible to public transportation.
Later this month, another organization will be purchasing and settling on the purchase of our building. However, fortunately for us, we will be moving to a building located directly behind our existing location, which formerly was used as a hair salon.

Effective, Thursday, Sept. 27, we plan to be open in our new location. The actual move is scheduled to take place on Sept. 25, so we will be closed for business that day and the next. Please note that our phone number and fax number will stay the same. Our mailing address will be 10226 Old Ocean City Blvd, Unit 2, Berlin, Md. 21811.

While the building we will be occupying is much smaller than our existing space, this will not affect the services being offered to clients in the community who seek us to fill their unmet needs. We will continue in our mission to be a safe haven dedicated to improving the maternal health and well-being of women in the community. We view this new location as temporary as we will be looking next year to purchase our own building to house our center which will allow us to expand on the services being offered by Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center.

Thank you again for your continued support.
Geoff Failla, Sr.


(The writer is the executive director of the Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center.)