Voices From The Readers – September 7, 2018

Voices From The Readers – September 7, 2018

Trump Getting Job Done


Palmer and Sandy, I read that you were offended by the patriotic display of Trump flags at the beautiful marinas during I assume was the White Marlin Open. Those expensive yachts owned by those rich guys and women you referred to bring a lot of revenue to the local merchants the State of Maryland, Worcester County and Ocean City. Is it possible you would see an increase in your taxes if it were not for this rich guys and women yachts and all the people these events draw to the local economy? Again I am sorry to read that it was difficult for you to digest your food, but there was a simple solution to that problem, go inside the restaurant where you could not observe the Trump flags and the guys and women on the expensive yachts or leave and go to a restaurant that was not on the water.

You commented about never seeing such a display of nationalistic support for a self-serving, corrupt, divisive, bully like Trump. President Trump is a little rough and tough and not your typical kiss a­ss politically correct politician. He is a business man and in business you have to make some tough decisions that are not favorable to a few and sometimes many.

Trump’s tactics on immigration is right on target. How many un-desirable people came into our country from the last administration? How many innocent people have been killed from our previous loose immigration policy? As for the seasonal workers, I have not run into any who said they feared the Trump flag. Many years ago, Ocean City businesses didn’t have a labor shortage, not until mom and dad started giving their children the BMW, Mercedes, etc. new car, credit card and lots of dollars and they figured they didn’t need to work, so let’s have a grand old time in OC for three months instead of working. Hey, what a deal. As a business man, I always am able to find a work around solution to a problem, and I know our intelligent merchants will find a solution.

Again, you state the 1-percenters who own these expensive yachts and their display of support for Trump. All I can say is “Yeah,” we finally have something to be proud about. When I see these beautiful yachts, I am sort of jealous that I can’t afford one, but at the same time I am happy for those guys and women who have worked hard to buy or partner in such a beautiful yacht, and all the good fun times they have.

FYI, the tax cut was made very early in Trumps tenure and with all the other bills passed has put many unemployed people back into the work force that once thought were jobs that would never return under the far left administration, such as coal and steel workers to name a few. But as usual we still have the people who know how to beat the system and want their free “stuff” that was given freely by the past president and his far left agenda.

You keep harping about the displaying of Trump flags. If you would have walked down some of the piers where the expensive yachts were, you would have noticed some also had American flags flying. How about the eight years we had to witness car stickers, TV and news media about an illegal empty chair president, that did nothing but fly everywhere, play golf, bow to foreign dignitaries with an administration of undesirable and crooked men and women? One woman in particular who ran for president and is a product of a far left administration, you know crocked HC, and a president who didn’t respect the military and didn’t believe in saluting the flag and the men and women in uniform. Also with a wife who commented what’s all this fuss over a flag. What a bunch of hoods we had for eight long years with an administration that almost ruined this great country, America. Thank you God for a breath of fresh air from President Trump.

My final thoughts: What I see is the far left has become the enemy of the people, the constitution and our religious freedom, supporting radical groups even violent gangs, which has been part of this suicidal plan to destroy our great nation. “Was this the intent of the past administration”?

Take a look at the facts, our country is running in the right direction for the first time in decades and the left is screaming louder and louder doom and gloom yet Trump continues to win and win. Trump was not put in office to look pretty and conform to the norm of past presidents, he is here to get the job done and that is to save this great Republic, “America”.

I have and wear proudly a hat “Make America Great Again”.

Ken Schroyer



Right On About Flags


Thank you Palmer and Sandy Gillis who wrote such an eloquent and well thought out rebuttal on the Trump flags at the marina in West Ocean City.

I was at Sunset Grille and saw first hand those yachts with their flags. I felt so much anger that there were so many who could support a man such as Trump.

As a resident, if any when I return to Sunset Grille, I will only think of those flags and not that awesome marina.

Maria Campione-Lawrence

Ocean City


Letter Response


I read last week’s letter from Palmer and Sandy Gillis and it left me feeling uncomfortable.

Imagine the difficulty in digesting your food when you’re surrounded by rich people’s yachts. These weren’t just your average rich people’s yachts flying Trump flags. The word “rich” also makes me uncomfortable. Can we agree that in the future we just refer to it as a “r” word?

If that’s not bad enough, a restaurant employee may have spit in your cobb salad in order to make a political statement. What is wrong with this establishment that it provide a “safe space” for you to hide from the world? Give me a break.

I’m going to my “safe space” now. It’s happy hour and the beers are ice cold.

Michael Miller

Ocean City


ALOC Board Remains Non-Political Group


The Board of Directors of the Art League of Ocean City believes it is important to remind the public that we are a non-political and non-discriminatory 501c3 non-profit organization. While we support freedom of expression, we do not support or condemn anyone’s personal political opinions.

Our mission is to promote artistic expression and appreciation for the creative arts in our community. The Ocean City Center for the Arts is open every day, year-round, free of charge. In addition to our exhibits and classes, we offer free family art days and outreach programs to the area schools and senior centers. We continue to work with other local non-profits like Diakonia, Worcester County Youth and Counseling, Cedar Chapel School, and many more.

Our annual party of the year, which is an extremely significant fundraiser for us, is even more important this year due to budget cuts from Worcester County. And it’s coming up soon. We hope you will join us on Wednesday, Sept. 12 for the “pARTy of the Year: Art-a-Ritaville” as we gather to celebrate the power of the arts. For tickets and more information, please call the Art League at 410-524-9433 or go to www.artleagueofoceancity.org/partyoftheyear.

Thank you. We appreciate your continued support.

Marian Bickerstaff

Rina Thaler

(Bickerstaff serves as president and Thaler as executive director of the Art League of Ocean City/Ocean City Center for the Arts. The letter was written on behalf of the Board of Directors.)


Club Makes A Difference


The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City is fast approaching the end of their successful program year. The club was able to continue to meet the successes of past years. The new program year begins Oct. 1, 2018 and runs through Sept. 30, 2019. The Kiwanis mission is “Serving the Children of the World”. This club is doing that and will continue this next year.

The club has been sending scholarship checks to the colleges for the 12 young people who we are assisting this year. The total awards are $14,000. It’s rewarding to read some of the letters of thanks from the students or their parents. The Kiwanis Club is making a difference. It also makes a difference with younger children, as well.

This current year the club has provided $10,600 to youth activities in our area. This includes six clubs that are sponsored in local elementary, intermediate, and high schools and the new Aktion Club for those with disabilities at the Worcester County Developmental Center.

Support is also given to the local 4Steps Therapeutic Program, Cedar Chapel School, Worcester GOLD Infants Pantry and their Christmas program for children through a club’s Toy Drive. Also sponsored is a young girls’ basketball team through Ocean City Parks and Recreation. The club also contributes to Ocean Pines Association camp scholarships, the Cricket Center, the Kiwanis Key Leadership Program, a toy drive, food drives, Ocean City “Play It Safe” Program, and Project Eliminate of Kiwanis International to eliminate maternal and neo-natal tetanus.

Perhaps more important than money, the club donated hundreds of volunteer hours to school art fairs, science fairs, and direct assistance to our sponsored school Kiwanis youth service clubs.

The Kiwanis Club has also played a supporting role in the community, contributing $2,050 to community support organizations, the OPVFD, the OPA Concerts in the Park, OP Veterans Memorial, a coat drive, and Diakonia, plus hundreds of volunteer hours towards Nursing Home Bingo, dolls for patients, the Blood Drives, our house address signs and others.

So, how does all of this get done? Through volunteer hours and hard work on fundraisers. All of this is paid for by hard work on pancake breakfasts, the Italian dinner, hot dog sales, the wine tasting event, the Duck Race and weekly donations from members to Priority One.

Of course, it’s not all hard work. There is the satisfaction of working together to get these results, the weekly meeting, and occasional social events.

So here comes 2018-2019. The local children and the community need the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City to be successful again. “Kids need Kiwanis and Kiwanis Needs You.”  Friends and neighbors of members are needed to both support the club and its fundraisers, but more important, to participate as members of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City to insure the ability to continue to meet all these needs. New members bring their new ideas and participation in the club’s mission. While the club needs our existing members for what they are able to do, but more importantly their knowledge of our ongoing programs, new members are essential to the continuation of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City. Consider joining with the Kiwanis team to continue these services for the 2018-2019 program year. Thank you.

Ralph E. Chinn

(The writer is the president of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City.)


Not Buying Goose Deal


I was in attendance at the first meeting of the “Goose Group” at the Ocean Pines library on Aug. 16. Mr. Bailey gave a presentation on water quality, which I found very interesting. The water quality test done in August turned out to be a complete failure, despite the fact that all of those geese had been dead and gone since June 29.

If geese were the actual culprit, any reasonable person would come to the conclusion that the water quality should have improved with 290 fewer geese pooping in the pond but it didn’t, not even a tiny little bit.

Anyone concerned with real health hazards only needs to take a walk around the South Gate Pond to see all the poison ivy growing there. It grows up the trees and even into the pathway itself. Some of it looks like it’s been there for years. I suppose Canada geese are all somehow responsible for that too.

Stop grasping at straws and blaming the geese for everything. If you continue to ignore the obvious health hazards and just focus on the perceived problems, everyone on the Eastern Shore is going to think “you” are full of goose poop. Ocean Pines is already the laughing stock of Worcester County and as a resident of this community, I find it to be extremely embarrassing.

Stephanie Fisher

Ocean Pines