OC Theatre Renovation Completed

OC Theatre Renovation Completed
The renovated Fox Gold Coast theater features luxury heated recliners with tray tables. Submitted Photo

OCEAN CITY — Bayside Limited Partnership and Fox Theatres have announced the completion of the Fox Gold Coast renovation including the installation of luxury heated recliners with tray tables.

The new plush seating will afford moviegoers the ultimate in comfort with heated cushions and electric controls reclining the seat back and raising the footrest. The theater was thoroughly renovated with new flooring throughout and updated restrooms, complete with new fixtures and tile.

The theatre will offer advance reserved seating, allowing customers to reserve online the exact seats they want ahead-of-time and avoid waiting in line. Moviegoers can buy tickets online at Fox Theatres’ website, www.foxshowtimes.com or in person at the box office. With the conversion to luxury recliners, the four-screen theater has its seating capacity reduced by 60%.

“We expect to be very busy at the theater, but the added convenience of reserved seating will make going to the movies a more relaxing night out for our customers – not having to worry about getting to the theater extra early on a big day,” said Donald Fox of Fox Theatres.