OC Museum To Host Book Signing

OCEAN CITY — The Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum will be hosting author Mark Millikin on July 27 from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Millikin will be on sight with his newest book, “The Joy and Heartache of Our 1960’s Music.”

In “The Joy and Heartache of Our 1960’s Music,” Millikin recounts how and why music made so many listeners feel joy and heartache during the ‘60s and why those songs still resonate today. Millikin also covers the late ‘50s and the early ‘70s music, but the ‘60s music is this book’s central theme. From rhythm and blues, rock and roll, gospel, country, doo wop and folk music came “soul,” psychedelic rock, garage rock, bubble gum, folk rock, psychedelic soul and hard rock.

Millikin was born in Baltimore in 1951, moved to Randolph (a Boston, Mass. suburb) when he was six and moved to Perry Hall, Md. (a Baltimore suburb) when he was eleven. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation and Resource Development at the University of Maryland, College Park and a Master of Science degree in Marine Biology at the College of Charleston.

Millikin worked for NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service as a fishery biologist and fishery manager for 39 years. He has written two other books, “Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville” and “The Glory of the 1966 Orioles and Baltimore” and the booklet, “Babe Ruth, Star Pitcher of the 1914 Baltimore Orioles.”