Plans For Hotel Near West OC Harbor Move Forward

Plans For Hotel Near West OC Harbor Move Forward
A zoning map shows the proposed location of a new 46-room hotel on Golf Course Road near Sunset Avenue. Submitte Image

SNOW HILL – Plans for a hotel on Golf Course Road are expected to move forward following the allocation of sewer capacity for the project.

On Tuesday the Worcester County Commissioners approved a request from GCR Development LLC for the allocation of 27 EDUs (equivalent dwelling units) for a proposed hotel. The four-story hotel would occupy three acres of undeveloped land on the west side of Golf Course Road near Sunset Avenue.

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Kelly Shannahan told the commissioners GCR Development, whose managing member is Paul Abu-Zaid, requested 27 EDUs from the Mystic Harbour Sanitary Service Area to build a 46-unit hotel.

“The subject property is approximately 3.45 acres and is currently unimproved,” Shannahan said.

Shannahan said the property was designated S-1 in the county’s water and sewerage plan which indicated an area of existing or planned sewer service. He added that the property had had a previous allocation of 20 EDUs but that those had been transferred. According to the report provided to the commissioners, they were transferred to property on Route 50 in West Ocean City to allow for the construction of the Microtel Inn and Suites.

Shannahan told the commissioners they could approve the request for 27 EDUs, deny the request or approve a portion of the request. He said if they opted to grant the request, the EDUs should be assigned from the 114 available for “infill and intensification” or the 80 available for “commercial.”

Commissioner Jim Bunting made a motion to approve the request but said he didn’t want to take all 27 EDUs from the pool available for commercial use.

“I’d prefer to divide it up so there’s some commercial left,” he said.

Instead the commissioners agreed to approve the request by granting the property 27 EDUs from those available for infill and intensification.

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