Q&A With Sam Card: Cloud Connectivity A Critical Priority For Many Businesses

Q&A With Sam Card: Cloud Connectivity A Critical Priority For Many Businesses
Sam Card

BERLIN – Though cloud solutions have benefits like flexibility, collaboration and simplified backups, some Delmarva businesses are hesitant to migrate to the cloud because of local Internet concerns. Delmarva technology leader Sam Card answers questions this month about how connectivity works and the impact it has on your decision to migrate to the cloud. 

Q: I’m thinking of moving some business applications to the cloud. Why is it important to have a reliable internet connection?

Card: The cloud can be very frustrating if you have poor Internet connectivity. This is especially true when you need access to your files to meet a business deadline, like a sales proposal. If you have frequent Internet disconnections, or don’t have high speed Internet, you may be restricted in what you can do with your data in the cloud.

However, the infrastructure on Delmarva has come a long way as many service providers have invested in their networks, bringing better connectivity to businesses. Cards Technology, along with several of our clients, have purchased fiber optic Internet service. This reduces the construction costs for Internet service providers and makes fiber more affordable for Delmarva businesses.

Q: I’ve been hearing fiber is the best Internet connection. What is the difference between fiber optic Internet and cable?

Card: Cable, DSL and prior to that, dialup service, used copper wire because it’s a good conductor of electricity. Fiber optics was born with the development of thin, flexible, glass material wrapped in bundles where data is transmitted at the speed of light.

Basically, fiber optic connectivity is dedicated to your business while cable internet is shared with all your neighbors. Imagine 10 kids streaming movies when they get home from school on the same cable line as your business. Trying to have a video skype conversation with your customer becomes a nightmare. With fiber, you are guaranteed speed because the connection is direct to your business. There is also less, if not any, downtime with fiber since the fiber infrastructure is heavy duty and more reliable than cable.

Q: Isn’t fiber going to be too expensive for my Delmarva small business?

Card: It doesn’t matter what size your business is, you want cost effective Internet. If you need constant Internet connectivity, and it costs you money when the Internet is down, fiber is your answer. You have to analyze what downtime costs you compared to the cost of fiber. If your staff is sitting idle, or your customers can’t get answers, that’s expensive.

Your access to the cloud doesn’t have to be stalled by internet connectivity. Consider what level of Internet uptime your business needs and choose the connection that best fits your needs. There’s still room in the cloud for you.

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