Wicomico Charter Changes Tabled For Now

SALISBURY – Officials in Wicomico County this week tabled a vote on two charter amendments opposed by Council Executive Bob Culver.

On Tuesday, the Wicomico County Council voted unanimously to table a vote on potential charter amendments that would alter how deputy directors are appointed and how county departments transfer capital assets.

Earlier this month, County Executive Bob Culver came before the county council in a public hearing to oppose the amendments.

The first amendment would require council confirmation for the appointment of deputy directors and the assistant director of administration, while the second amendment would, among other things, require council approval to transfer $15,000 or more in depreciating capital assets to other county departments or agencies.

Culver had argued several deputy directors from various county departments reached out to him with their concerns regarding the first charter amendment. He noted that many deputy directors in recent years had declined director positions, which require council confirmation, for fear of becoming an at-will employee.

Culver also opposed a charter amendment that would require county departments to seek a written recommendation from the county executive and approval of the county council to transfer depreciating capital assets valued at $15,000 or more.

While the two charter amendments were back on the agenda this week for council approval, Councilman John Hall suggested delaying a vote until all councilmembers were present. Councilmen Matt Holloway and Larry Dodd were not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

“I’m not in favor of this,” he said, “and since we don’t have full council here if it’s voted on today, moving on it will not be brought back.”

The council voted 5-0 to table a vote on the proposed charter amendments.

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