Voices From The Readers – June 1, 2018

Voices From The Readers – June 1, 2018

More Parking Meters Likely In Ocean City


It looks like we can never satisfy the Ocean City Council and Mayor’s appetite for taking more of our money. Their recent effort to justify the installation of additional parking meters on the ocean side of 11th to 33rd streets is the latest example of their craving for more of our money.

Councilmember Dennis Dare said the council needs “to look at everything” to make sure that funds are available for Ocean City governmental services. This comment was supported by Councilmember Mary Knight’s statement that council would be “irresponsible” if it did not look at installing additional parking meters. She pointed out that about $600,000 more could be obtained by installing the additional meters and have the day-trippers pay for their use of some Ocean City resources.

In my view, such statements are a clear indication that the installation of additional parking meters on the ocean side of 11th and 33rd streets is just the first step in installing parking meters all over Ocean City.

But this current effort shows that the council has learned its lesson from the last time they tried to expand parking meter use but ran into major opposition. First, they will try to buy off full-time property owners by allowing a resident to park for free at their residence. What was not said is the permit issued to full-time property owners may only be for parking at their residence. If an owner parks at any place other than their residence, pay parking can be required.

Second, to have political cover, the council and mayor will establish a task force to study the issues that may be involved with installing the addition parking meters. Anyone who believes the task force will recommend that the new meters not be installed, also probably believes the Convention Center, that has last money in many years, will return a profit next year.

The task force will also give cover to Mayor Rick Meehan who has gone on record saying that he will not sign any bill to install addition parking meters as long as he is in office. Now since the council does not take any major action without following the mayor’s bidding, we can be assured that the mayor will veto the bill and the council members will then override the mayor’s veto. A humbled Mayor Meehan then can announce he kept his pledge.

The pretense that the council and mayor are going through to install the additional parking meters is an insult to the informed residents of Ocean City.

Of course, if the council wanted to “look at everything” and responsibly act as Council Knight suggested, the council should establish a taskforce for developing the necessary measures for assessing a beach tax. Such a tax would clearly address the day-trippers problem and bring in millions of dollars that should result in significantly reducing the property tax paid by Ocean City property owners. Unfortunately, this council does not have the political leadership to tackle the beach tax issue.

Joseph H. Potter

Ocean City


Support For Alumni Benefit Appreciated


The Indian River High School Alumni Association (IRHSAA) would like to thank our major sponsors and the many community members who helped make our sixth annual Beef & Brew fundraiser such a success.

Since 2013, we have given more than $32,000 in scholarships to both graduating seniors and to IR alumni wishing to continue their education. This year will be no different, as the proceeds from our recent Beef & Brew will go toward deserving IR grads.

The IRHSAA is all about IR Pride. We are happy to continue to support our students through scholarships, but we also want our educators to get the credit they deserve so we work to recognize them and support special school projects when we can. This year we were able to help various IR clubs and organizations and we encourage those teachers, advisors and student organizations to continue reach out to us!

We want to thank the countless people and businesses who stepped up to support us, especially our major Beef & Brew fundraiser sponsors: Avery Hall Insurance, Banks Wine & Spirits, Frankford Volunteer Fire Company and Auxiliary, Gray’s Towing Service, Dagsboro Paint & Wallpaper and Wilmington Savings Fund Society [WSFS]. We also received some anonymous donations that helped with our event and we “thank you” for stepping up.

If you missed the Beef & Brew, plan to attend one of our upcoming Alumni Meet and Greets at various local venues. We are already planning for next year’s Beef & Brew fundraiser in the spring – so stay tuned for those dates as well.

We are always looking to expand our membership so if you’ve been thinking of joining us at our monthly meetings – please do! We support our faculty and students and with your help, we will continue to do so. For more information on how to become more involved with IRHSAA and join us at our monthly meetings, contact a member of the Alumni, check out our Facebook page “Indian River High School Alumni” or visit www.IRHSalumni.com.

IRHS Alumni Association