Emersons Celebrate New Crab House In Ocean City

Emersons Celebrate New Crab House In Ocean City
Victoria’s Crab House co-owner Ernie Emerson is pictured with employees outside the new 15th Street restaurant. Photo by Bethany Hooper

OCEAN CITY – The owners of a successful seafood and crab market have opened a second eat-in location in Ocean City.

Two years after opening Victoria’s Seafood and Crabs on 81st Street, owners Ernie and Victoria Emerson have expanded their operations with a new eat-in and carry-out establishment.

Located at the former site of English’s Buffet on 15th Street and Coastal Highway, Victoria’s Crab House features several menu items, new décor and space for dining, lounging and live entertainment.

Ernie Emerson said the second location will build off the success of its 81st Street market, which has grown to a budding carry-out and delivery operation.

“We’ve been very successful,” he said. “We’ve increased our figures every year and we have a great following in that area.”

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Emerson said their new location comes with several advantages. In addition to the space, he noted that the restaurant is in close proximity to large hotels.

“We are right here in front of a dozen major hotels,” he said. “It’s very convenient … They had about seven or eight people that wanted this location and they chose us from our experience in the seafood and crab business.”

Emerson attributes his knowledge of seafood and crabs to the years spent owning and operating other establishments throughout Ocean City and the surrounding area, including Bahama Mamas and Capt. Ernie’s Seafood.

“I know the ins and outs of this business,” he said. “I’ve been doing it for 35 years.”

Emerson calls himself a “crabologist” who measures and weighs the crabs before serving them.

“We weigh each individual crab and it’s graded by weight and size,” he said. “You are getting a very good quality crab.”

Emerson said his methods guarantee that his customers have the best experience.

“I want to educate consumers on what good, quality seafood is,” he said. “If you are paying for crabs, you want some meat in them. That’s a top priority for me.”

The 15th Street location will give customers the option to either dine in or carry out.

EmersonsThe menu for Victoria’s Crab House features a variety of appetizers, seafood and crab entries, daily fresh fish specials, four all-you-can-eat options, an assortment of beverages and more. Emerson said the menu also includes a famous fried chicken recipe.

“We found the secret recipe of English’s chicken up in the rafters,” he said.

Emerson added that the full menu, jumbo crabs and free packaging will be available for carry out customers beginning at 11 a.m.

“If you want crabs, crabmeat, or raw crab cakes to take home, we’ll give you a free cooler, free ice and free seasoning,” he said. “You just buy the seafood.”

Emerson noted the crab house also features a Crab Trap Bar – with daily food and drink specials and happy hour from 3-6 p.m. – patio space for eating, drinking and lounging, and live music three nights a week.

Emerson said experience and quality set Victoria’s apart from other resort establishments.

“We worry about the customers, not the competition,” he said.

Victoria’s Crab House opens at 3 p.m., seven days a week, through the end of October. For more information, call 443-664-8971, visit www.crabsoceancity.com or the Victoria’s Crab House Facebook page, or email info@crabsoceancity.com. Dine-in parking can be accessed from Baltimore Avenue and curbside pickup parking is located along Coastal Highway. Reservations and large parties are welcome.

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