Cops And Courts – May 11, 2018

Cops And Courts – May 11, 2018

Really Hated The Singing

OCEAN CITY — A Newark, Del. man was arrested on first-degree assault charges last weekend after allegedly striking another man in the head with a bottle and causing a deep slash near his neck in front of a downtown shopping center during an incident that began over singing.

Around 1:50 a.m. last Sunday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to a reported assault near a shopping center on 8th Street. Ocean City Police Communications advised the responding officer a male victim had been slashed around his neck and the suspect may still be on the scene.

OCPD officers arrived and detained three male individuals standing in front of a pizza restaurant. Multiple patrons of a nearby bar yelled at the officers directing them to the individual they had allegedly observed assault another man. OCPD officers located a male victim who was bleeding from a deep laceration on the back of his head just above his neck. The victim reportedly told police he was woozy, but that he had not lost consciousness.

The victim told police he and his friends were inside a pizza restaurant singing when they were confronted by a group of males who became angry about their singing, according to police reports. The victim told police the two groups began yelling back and forth and that his group attempted to walk away when it appeared the incident was escalating.

The victim told police at that point Christopher Collas, 25, of Newark, Del., threw a glass bottle at him, hitting him in the head. OCPD officers also interviewed one of the victim’s friends, who corroborated the story. The witness told police his group was singing inside the pizza restaurant when they were confronted by Collas and his group.

The witness said he and the victim attempted to flee on foot and headed toward a nearby bar when Collas allegedly threw a glass bottle at the victim, striking him in the head. The witness told police Collas threw the bottle at the victim from around eight to 10 feet away. Based on the evidence and testimony, Collas was charged with first-degree assault.


First-Degree Burglary

OCEAN CITY — A homeless man was arrested on first-degree burglary and other charges last week stemming from an alleged break-in at a resort residence late last month.

Around 6:35 a.m. on April 24, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to a gym at 67th Street for a report of a suspicious male in the area. The suspect, later identified as William Hays IV, 34, of no fixed address, had been identified a day earlier as a homeless person attempting to stay in Ocean City.

Ocean City Police Communications informed the on-scene officers Hays had allegedly entered the gym and told the 911 caller that people were trying to kill him and that he had left and was last seen running toward the bay. Ocean Police Communications then received a second 911 call about Hays’ alleged actions at the gym. Moments later, the OCPD got a third and fourth 911 call reporting Hays was attempting to break into a unit on 65th Street.

OCPD officers responded to the apartment building and found the tenant of a first-floor unit yelling at Hays to get out of her apartment. The OCPD officers observed Hays about five to six feet inside the door of the unit holding a plastic container filled with water, according to police reports.

OCPD officers commanded Hays to come out of the unit and Hays continually stated he was just thirsty and went into the unit to get water. The officers continued to command Hays to come out of the unit and he made slow progress toward the door, but stopped about two feet short of the front door.

The OCPD officers then had to go in and physically remove Hays from the unit. The officers noted in the report the front door had been damaged and forced open. Hays was ultimately committed to Peninsula Regional Medical Center by the Worcester County Crisis Response Team, which had responded to assist.

OCPD officers interviewed the tenant of the unit, who told police she was taking someone to the bus stop when she observed Hays walking toward her building. She told police she did not recognize Hays and thought at the time it was odd for him to be walking toward the building. She said she turned back around and observed Hays walk onto the patio and kick in the front door. The tenant was confronting Hays when police arrived. Based on the evidence and testimony, Hays was charged this week with first-degree burglary, third- and fourth-degree burglary, theft and malicious destruction of property.


Stolen Car Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A group of illegal aliens were arrested on motor vehicle theft and other charges last weekend after the allegedly stolen vehicle they were traveling in was picked up by a license plate reader as it crossed the Route 50 Bridge.

Around 5:15 a.m. last Friday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was on patrol in the downtown area when he was notified by his vehicle’s mobile data terminal that a stationary license plate reader had detected a stolen vehicle entering Ocean City via Route 50 at Philadelphia Avenue.

The alert included information that a white male wearing a white shirt and shaggy hair was driving the vehicle as it entered Ocean City via Route 50. The license plate reader indicated the stolen vehicle had entered Ocean City, but had left the resort moments later.

Less than 10 minute later, the same officer received another stolen vehicle alert from the stationary license plate reader at Route 50. The officer, who had remained in the area, saw the Dodge Charger at the traffic signal at Route 50 and Philadelphia Avenue. A registration check revealed the vehicle had been reported stolen in Virginia.

The OCPD officer stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as Maria Vasquez-Carranza, 17, of Annandale, Va. A follow-up with Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed Vasquez-Carranza was an undocumented alien.

According to police reports, the driver who first drove the stolen Dodge into Ocean City, later identified as Jose Guzman-Fuentes, 20, of Fairfax, Va., was now seated in the back seat. It was later determined Guzman-Fuentes was also an undocumented alien and was wearing an ICE ankle bracelet at the time and was subject to an active deportation case. He was also wanted in Virginia for a prior auto theft case.

Another passenger in the car, identified as Axel Vasquez-Cabrera, 19, of Landover, Md., was determined to be an undocumented alien. A fourth passenger in the stolen vehicle, identified as Sandra Rivera-Barahona, 20, of Alexandria, Va., was also identified as an illegal alien. Each of the suspect was charged with theft from $25,000 to $100,000.


Assault Suspect Flees Scene

OCEAN CITY — A Manassas, Va. man was arrested on assault and other charges last weekend after allegedly attacking a man near a downtown convenience store and then fleeing the scene in a vehicle before abandoning it near the Boardwalk and fleeing on foot.

Around 1:10 p.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to a reported fight in progress near a convenience store at North Division Street. The officer arrived and viewed video surveillance and took testimony from witnesses on the scene.

The investigation revealed a male victim was involved in a physical altercation outside the store with a suspect later identified as Anthony Johnson, Jr., 20. Two other men got out of a nearby van and joined the attack on the victim. A female customer inside the store intervened, putting herself in harm’s way, and was able to get the victim back into the store.

Johnson and the other suspects then fled the scene in a van. A description of Johnson and the minivan were broadcasted and other OCPD units in the area were alerted. The initial OCPD officer was driving on Baltimore Avenue near 16th Street when the minivan passed him. The officer activated his siren and lights and the minivan accelerated away from him.

The minivan turned onto eastbound 17th Street with the officer still in pursuit. When the van reached the dead end at the Boardwalk, Johnson exited the vehicle and fled on foot, leaving the minivan running with the keys in the ignition. Other OCPD officers pursued Johnson on foot and he was located a short time later hiding in some bushes near 19th itStreet.

When questioned, Johnson gave the fictitious name Zavion Hogan, which later turned out to be the name of his little brother. Johnson’s mother was contacted and told OCPD officers her son had provided identification information for his brother. OCPD officers told Johnson he needed to provide his real information, but he continued to insist he was Zavion Hogan. He also told police he fled because he only had a learner’s permit to drive. It was later determined Johnson’s license was suspended in Virginia. He was charged with assault and related traffic offenses.