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OCEAN CITY – Large portions of an independent film will be shot in Ocean City later this year.

In mid-September, production will begin on a feature-length independent film entitled “To Avenge.”

The movie tells the story of a young woman named Vera, who is vacationing on Maryland’s Eastern Shore when she is sexually assaulted by men who ultimately escape prosecution due to their powerful connections. When the justice system fails her, a concerned stranger named Taarna decides to take matters into her own hands.

Writer and Director Nick Belial said the movie is meant to challenge the viewer.

“The film is very serious,” he said, “but in a way that encourages people to think about what’s right and what’s wrong.”

While Belial has experience as a still photographer on films such as “Delaware Shore” and “The Listing,” this will be his first debut as both writer and director for an independent movie.

Belial said positive feedback from friends and those in the industry encouraged him to turn a story he created three years ago into a movie script.

“It did seem like a natural step for me,” he said.

Belial said he is currently working with the Maryland Film Office to seek permits and permission for filming. He said most of the movie will take place in Ocean City and will feature iconic resort locations, including the Boardwalk, the beach, the bay, Coastal Highway and other notable establishments around town.

“We are going to have our fill of locations so people can watch it and know that spot,” he said.

Belial, a Philadelphia resident, said his love for Ocean City greatly influenced the location decision.

“I’ve loved Ocean City since I was a kid,” he said. “It seemed like a great place for these scenes.”

Belial said he looks forward to filming at locations such as the Boardwalk.

“It’s almost like there’s electricity in the air,” he said. “It comes to life.”

While actors and actresses have already been selected to play the main characters, Belial said he is currently looking to cast locals who will play extras in the movie. He said extras will be compensated for their time.

“We will try to cast as many local people as possible,” he said.

Belial said when and where the movie is released will depend upon post-production activity.

Casting announcements and additional information will be made available on the film’s official “To Avenge” Facebook page.

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