Voices From The Readers – September 22, 2017

Voices From The Readers – September 22, 2017

Enforcement Of Laws Needed


I have been coming to Ocean City since I was 13. I’m going to be 62 in November.

The last 10 to 12 years I come three to five weeks a year. I own two weeks timeshare at the Bay Club. I stay one or two weeks at the Holiday Inn on 17th Street then if I come for more than 4 weeks I just pick something new that I never stay at before, but I never stay north of 33rd Street.

Getting to the useless police on the Boardwalk, I see more smoking, non-service dogs, and bikes (between Memorial Day and Labor Day), and they just go right past 90 percent of the officers who just look at them and turn their heads.

In regard to smoking on the beach, there is more of it now than before the no smoking law. If the police can’t start earning their pay, I may have to start going to the Delaware beaches. The businesses in Ocean City would lose all the money I spend there. I eat breakfast and dinner out every day. I just eat snacks for lunch.

The city has got to get the police to start doing their jobs or bye bye Maryland and hello Delaware.

Duane Mrazek

Events Holding Us Hostage


In regard to the story posted online this week, headlined “Race Events’ Renewal Sparks Debate About Impact On Police,” in my humble opinion, Councilman Dennis Dare is right.

The local OCPD officers are locals and as such, like the rest of us, they are sick and tired of getting run over by the need to fill all the hotels and bars in town.

If a developer wants to build a hotel in Ocean City, they should be sure ahead of time, that they will make plenty of money off of people coming to the beach. Period. No one here, most especially the elected leaders, are tasked with guaranteeing profits for hoteliers and business owners. Ocean City is a small beach town inside sleepy, but hardworking, Worcester County.

People who live here, people who own property here and people who just visit here are tired of being held hostage by events and tired of our local police being over taxed by them. The main event in Ocean City, aside from the beach and the bay, are the rides at the end of the Boardwalk. That’s it. Sorry to everyone spare the White Marlin Open and Sunfest.

What draws people to Ocean City are the beach and the bay.  Or, more correctly, what draws people here has to be the beach and the bay. The rest of Worcester County would love to host these car, motorcycle, airplane and athletic events. The Town of Ocean City was built for people to enjoy the natural beauty, period. More almighty dollars is not a reason to ruin this town.

The main event here are the summer weekends when a quarter million people hit the beach. The event mentality is killing this town and I really think we need new leadership. We did not buy a house here in order to please all the random promoters.

Greg Gunther

Ocean City