Voices From The Readers – September 1, 2017

Voices From The Readers – September 1, 2017

Trailer Ticket Infuriates Visitor


My father was a life guard from the mid-40s to the late 50s. I grew up in OC during my childhood summers. My Mother had a great restaurant called the Captain’s Galley. I have been vacationing all my life in OC, Md.

The last 11 years my wife and I have been coming to OC for July 4th week and stay with one of our family members who has a property in the community of Montego Bay. They pay almost $6,000 in property taxes.

Every year I have brought my truck and trailer with my pair of jet skis. I have parked in the same place on Pine Tree Road along a very large vacant lot. I arrived in OC on June 29, parked my truck and trailer, and went to the Elks for their Thursday chicken dinner special. We returned at 9 p.m. to find a ticket on my vehicle for an “Oversized” vehicle with notation of truck and trailer parked on a city street. I followed the ticket instruction(s) to call the OC Police Department only to be told I had to contact the OC Police Department records department in the morning.

So, the next morning I went to 65th Street and met with a gentleman at the Parking Office. I was told the seasonal officer made a mistake and the fine of $30 should have been marked out and a fine of $250 written on the ticket. I was advised to pay the $30 ticket. The gentleman advised that the Mayor and City Council passed the parking ordinance in 2015. I advised the gentleman there were no signs posted of such ordinance. I left the building more irritated than when I arrived. I went back to Montego Bay and spoke with six neighbors. Not one of these neighbors, nor our family member has received any notice of such parking ordinance, not from the Mayor’s office nor the Montego Bay Community Association.

I followed up and called the Mayor’s office. The secretary was very nice and acknowledged my frustration. I was provided contact information for the Mayor and City Council members. I then wrote a letter to the Mayor and City Council, in brief this was my response, “So here is what you have made me decide to do. I returned to 65th Street and paid the $30 parking ticket. I called your office and spoke with your secretary. I went back and packed up and went home. No money spent for fuel, launch fee’s, restaurants, fishing expenses, Assateague beach permit, boardwalk, grocery store, and more! The $30 fine will be the last dollar I spend in Ocean City. We will spend our money elsewhere, Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina.”

Although the mayor’s response I received stated he was sorry I received the ticket, his response was nothing more than a notice of the parking ordinance. The mayor’s response provided the reason for the parking ordinance was that there would be boat trailers parked all over city streets. I did not receive any response from any OC City Council member.

Ok, I get it about trailers being parked and taking away parking spaces.

However, how do you explain the following:

•Justification for a fine of $250.00.

•If I had disconnected my trailer from my truck I would have received a written 24 hour warning notice to remove my trailer.

•No posted parking signs or any such posted parking ordinance signs.

•Lastly, the story of another property owner/resident in Montego Bay who arrived at 8 p.m. one night with his truck and boat trailer. He left his emergency flasher lights on while unloading his vehicle. On his third trip he found a $250 ticket placed on his truck. The owner is in process of selling his property and moving to Delaware.

•Since this has occurred, several residents have informed me of their observation of constant aggressive parking enforcement patrol in what appears to be an unmarked blue police type vehicle with two parking enforcement persons. One resident observed them hiding around the corner watching a neighbor who was unloading their truck and boat trailer.

To the Mayor and OC City Council, thank you very much for making our Ocean City trip a memorable family experience and our last.

Oh, by the way, Labor Day weekend I’m looking forward to staying in Fenwick Island, Del and spending my money in Delaware.

Donald E. O’Shea, Jr.

Glen Burnie

Annual Children’s Event Another Success


On behalf of the Ocean City Museum Society, I would like to thank all those who participated in the Children’s Day on the Bay Aug. 6.

More than 500 children, moms, dads and passersby attended this seventh annual event. The object of the day was to afford local as well as visiting youngsters a family friendly event filled with music, games, live animals and activities. Sunset Park was the ideal setting and Mother Nature aided with magnificent weather. But what brought in the participants were the outstanding organizations that were on display that day.

We are indebted to the Ocean City US Coast Guard and Auxiliary, Ocean City Police Department, Worcester County Library, Rackliffe House, Maryland Coastal Bays, Pocomoke State Park, NASA, Delmarva Discovery Center and Museum, Salisbury Zoo, and musician Mr. Don.

We would also like to thank OCDC for their continuous support in sponsoring this community event. The Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum is happy to provide the venue for sharing the opportunities offered by these organizations. We are already working on next year’s event with even more exciting opportunities.

Christine Okerblom

Ocean City

(The writer is the assistant curator of the Ocean City Lifesaving Station Museum.)