The Resorter Revisited – August 18, 2017

The Resorter Revisited – August 18, 2017
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Summer of 1965

Volume XI

Edition 6

Issue Highlights

Host John Dale Showell III invited guests to his Castle in the Sand Apartment Motel, which was featuring free umbrellas and lounge chairs and fully equipped kitchens.

Alongside Paul’s Tackle Shop at the corner of St. Louis Ave. and Talbot Street was Paul’s Aqua Shop, specializing in skin diving equipment, surf boards and air compressor service.

Among the amenities at the Fountain Court Motel on 19th Street were “30 modern units, heated pool, thru ventilation, shuffleboard, room TV and fee parking.”

The Maryland Crab House on Somerset Street and Baltimore Ave. was offering crabs all week until 2 a.m.

In his City Hall Report, Councilman C.H. Shuey wrote, “Prior to annexation we had a 35 mph speed limit from 94th Street south as requested by the North Ocean City Improvement Association. Now the 35 mph speed limit goes north only to 66th Street; from 66th to 70th Street it is 40 mph; then from 70th Street it is 50 mph all the way to the Delaware line. … The population density and street widths are the same all the way from 15th Street to 94th Street. Why then would any informed body have requested a speed limit of 50 mph north of 70th Street? If 50 mph is right for 70th Street, it is also right for 15th Street.”