The Resorter … Revisited – August 4, 2017

The Resorter … Revisited – August 4, 2017

Summer of 1971

Volume XVII

Edition 5

Issue Highlights
This week’s “Resorter Girl” was Anita Smith.

John, Tommy and Nicholas Arrington were inviting guests to their Ocean Park Motel.

Tapped to perform at Ocean City Convention Hall for the remainder of 1971 and early 1972 were Woody Herman, Tex Beneke, Ray McKinley, Guy Lombardo, Les Elgart, Warren Covington, Sammy Kaye, Duke Ellington and Les Brown.

Boulden’s Marina on 53rd Street was calling itself the “boat servicing headquarters” in Ocean City.

Dale’s Esso Center was operating at the foot of the Route 50 Bridge at this time.

Along with sandwiches, soda fountain and free home milk delivery, J.J. Rayne & Son on Dorchester Street was offering a “Complete Line of Transistors, Radios and Batteries.”