Voices From The Readers – June 16, 2017

Voices From The Readers – June 16, 2017

Fundraiser A Success


Coastal Hospice sincerely thanks everyone who made this year’s Hats for Hospice fundraising party a big success. The event raised more than $19,000 to fund the patient charity care Coastal Hospice provides.

Every year, a dedicated committee of volunteers helps us organize this Preakness Day event. We would like to personally thank co-chairs Nancy Hall and Alan Merritt-Hyle, the Hats contest co-chair Kathleen Abercrombie, and committee members Diana Barber, Nancie Booth, Jenna Bowne, Hope Morgan, and Gayle Widdowson.

Our 2017 sponsors also placed their bets with us. Thank you to our “Pacesetter” sponsors: Bank of Delmarva, Chesapeake AG Cargo LLC, and Jack and Marge Duer; to our “Thoroughbred” sponsors: Apple Discount Drugs, Avery Hall Insurance Agency, Cato Gas & Oil, William and Nancy Hall and Amber Stevens; and to our “Furlong” sponsors: Debbie and Rodney Abbott, Bill and Maude Ahtes, Charles Brown Glass Company, Gillis Gilkerson, Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Don and Donna Richardson, Vernon Powell Shoes, Gayle and Dirk Widdowson, and Yard Designs.

Untra Solar Group Advertorial

The many talented designers who took hats donated by Vernon Powell Shoes and created masterpieces also encouraged their friends to contribute. We tip our hats to them in thanks.

Our appreciation also goes out to our generous hosts, Hamilton Fox Farm in Salisbury. And to our celebrity bartenders: Nicole Lauren and Chris Weimer of WBOC, and Julian Sadur and Lisette Nunez of WMDT.

At the event, in gratitude for his commitment to hospice and palliative care, we honored former Maryland Delegate Norm Conway as our 2017 Charter Society Anchor Award Winner. Mr. Conway has garnered and cultivated financial support to benefit the organization and has shown qualities of exemplary leadership, integrity, compassion, and generosity of time and talents whenever we asked. Thank you and congratulations, Norm.

Thanks to this generous community, we can afford to deliver on our promise to put our patients’ needs and goals first in all we do.

Alane K. Capen


(The writer is the president of Coastal Hospice.)

Worried About OC

What is happening to my Ocean City?

Some of the stories of the last few months have left me scratching my head in sheer puzzlement.

First, the approval by the PSC of windmills off the coast of Ocean City. Despite what the Mayor and City Council have told us, “this is a done deal.” You can forget about beautiful sunrises or sitting out at night looking over the dark ocean. Those views will be obliterated.

Then the absolutely sickening issue about the Boardwalk benches. Say what the Ocean City officials will, this is nothing more than greed. People purchased those benches in good faith to honor loved ones, and now, they are being “robbed ” of their memorial.

Let’s move to the “cruising car” issue. Reading the articles about the debate about “what to do” amazes me. There is only one thing to do — cancel the event. As someone mentioned earlier after the fiasco in May, this was started over 25 years ago when, during the winter months, there was nothing happening in Ocean City. That is no longer the case. I live here year round and the town is alive all year. You do not need an event like that any longer. In fact, if it continues, two things will happen: no family will visit Ocean City that weekend and residents like myself will leave town to escape the noise, smoke and unruly behavior.

The final nail is, now, topless bathing on the beach in Ocean City. I’ve read the articles and read the Maryland law about it. Trust me, it will happen. If it comes to be, you can no longer make the statement that this is a “family resort.” Tell me why any family with young children would want to come to Ocean City, go to the beach and see bare breasted females lying next to their children in the sand?

My parent brought me to Ocean City in the late 50s. I brought my children here starting in the 80s. Now, I live here year round and my grandchildren come to visit and play.

I repeat my opening statement:  What is happening to my Ocean City?

I conclude with one fact that I pass onto all Ocean City residents. I remember and, more importantly, I vote.

R.E. Derencz

Health Care Crisis Here


People are losing their healthcare in Delaware and a lot of other states. How many more people are going to lose their healthcare before the Democrats and Republicans start working together to get something done about healthcare?

American people want to be able to buy their own healthcare from any insurance company. It’s about time Senator Schumer, Senator Carper, Senator Coons, and Nancy Pelosi help take care of the healthcare problem they have helped to make a mess of.

Richard Ruzicka,

Selbyville, Del.

Memorial Bench Fee Concerns


(The following letter was addressed to Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan with a copy forwarded to this newspaper for publication.)

I am writing to express my concern about the recent fee for the memorial benches on the Boardwalk. I purchased my bench in 2006 in honor of my late husband. I have since moved from the Ocean City area. If it had not been for a friend alerting me to this new policy, I would not have been aware of it. I am sure that I am not the only one that is not aware of this new policy.

After several phone calls and left messages, I finally reached someone who explained to me the restorations needed to the benches. I do not understand why this was not done on as a needed basis instead of waiting 10 years. Would it not have been a good idea to check the benches on a year basis and made the necessary repairs to the benches as needed?

I, for one, cannot afford the $1,161 requested for the restoration. Possibly a more feasible charge to the owners of maybe $100 a year for the upkeep would have been more reasonable. Being on a fixed income as many of us are, I will not be able to afford the $1,161. This turn of events is very unfortunate and unfair.

I am being forced to remove the bench from the Boardwalk after the season. Not having that very special place for myself and my family is very upsetting.

I am writing this letter in the hopes that the city will reconsider and come up with a much more affordable and fair resolution to this very unfortunate situation.

Carol Kenney

Odenton, Md.