Voices From The Readers – June 9, 2017

Voices From The Readers – June 9, 2017

Topless Issue Puzzling


I have been floored reading about this topless issue in Ocean City.

I have been visiting Ocean City since 1987 with my family and have owned a home there since 2003. My three kids were brought on vacation every year to Ocean City and have great memories of the Boardwalk and beach. We loved it so much we purchased a home there.

Now we are proud to say our kids bring their kids (grandchildren) to visit a few times a year. I am horrified that the Mayor and Council are even entertaining the idea to allow toplessness on the beach. I would not say that it is a family atmosphere for my grandkids to see.

I would highly recommend that it not even be considered. Where does it end? Are there nude beaches for them to go to?

Dale Verga

Leaving Topless Matter Unresolved Irresponsible


This issue of topless women on the Ocean City beach must be sorted out.

If it’s going to be allowed, then we will not be bringing our grandchildren or friends to the Ocean City, beach as they will most likely be offended and the children will potentially be impacted in a negative manner.

Get a ruling and if it is allowed it is only fair for all visitors to know that Ocean City is a topless beach and no longer a family friendly beach. Leaving it unresolved is not fair to either party and is shirking their duty by the state and city officials.

Jerry Quinn

Bow Riding Effort Worth The Battle


I applaud Del. Mary Beth Carozza and Sen. Jim Mathias on their efforts to get bow riding on a boat illegal and have the person operating the boat with bow riders penalized by law.

Quite a few years ago, I saw what can happen personally and I will never forget it. While I was crabbing with two of my friends back in the 70s on the Magothy River, I saw a nice center console boat headed to a marina near us. The boat had a young man riding on the bow. As I went back to pull in another crab line, I heard a scream I will never forget, We all turned around and saw the young man in the water screaming and flailing in a pool of the most red you have ever seen. In unison, we all pulled in our crab lines and headed over to see if we could help. Why? I have no idea. As we got close to the boat, two guys were pulling on his right arm and a leg. The young man continued to scream and I finally could see why. His left arm was dangling and being held on by only some tendons or muscle. Sorry I am not a doctor. We followed their boat back to the nearest marina where there were people walking around. The guys on the boat were yelling and the young man was still screaming.

As they neared the pier, people on shore came running. We could see that we would not be needed, thank God. As we returned to go back to our spot and drop the lines, I realized that in all that time no one had spoken. Not one word. Finally someone decided to call it a day and back to the dock we went in complete silence.

Hopefully, I have a few ideas that will not break the bank to help the rental agencies. First, I would have a bunch of preprinted three-by-five cards with something like “Danger: Fatal Accidents Have Occurred While Riding On The Bow.” Have everyone boarding the boat initial the card. If nothing else, it should get their attention. While an employee is leading the group to their chosen boat, have the employee keep on repeating the importance of safety. When nearing their boat, point to the bow. Not everyone knows what a bow is. Most boat rental establishments only have three or four models and sizes. Have stencils made up or have some eager beaver employee who is trying to brown nose the boss make up the stencils. Now that you have the stencils, spray bright orange paint on the bow “Danger: Do Not Sit Here While Motor Is Running.”

These are just a couple of inexpensive ways to get the message out and hopefully save someone from serious injury or worse.

Jay Stulz

Ocean Pines

Tram Disappoints


My family has traditionally used the tram longer than 1995 and on June 3, 2017 it was no different. We bought our roundtrip tickets at 27th Street around 5 p.m. and was told the tram would be there in 15 minutes. Forty minutes later, no tram. Well, with two 14-year-old teenagers, we couldn’t wait any longer, so we walked. We walked up to 11th Street and by that time four trams finally passed by us. We couldn’t believe how slow they were and that they were in a back-to-back line up heading toward 27th Street.

We hung out at the boards and did our thing and finally went to the main station to take the trip back to 27th Street. The whole experience was frightening, risky and long. We go to the boards every year, and this year was not even during peak season. There were many people walking the boards but not compared to a 4th of July holiday. The Tram had difficulty navigating around the people. Where is the safety in this? Tram management had some people pick up their stuff from benches to clear the way from the Tram. Why isn’t there a designated two lane area for trams to travel on? People and trams don’t mix on the Boardwalk. We had another situation where one tram had to pass our tram. This caused our tram to nearly drive off the Boardwalk. A couple of staff members had to get off and navigate and stated this was a learning lesson and that everyone would be alright.

Shouldn’t the learning lessons happen during offseason when the public safety isn’t at risk? I also witnessed a few teenagers jumping off the Tram as it was in motion. The Tram stopped, the kids got back on, the Tram engaged again and a second time the kids jumped off. I consider this a safety issue.

The tram website states that it takes only a half hour to go from 27th Street to the station. That is absolutely not true. It took us one-and-a-half hours. The Tram stops anytime someone waves their hand to get off, and it stops at undesignated stops for people to get on.

In my humble opinion, the Office of Transportation needs to reevaluate the Tram services. They may want to build an addition to the Boardwalk for two separate lanes for Trams to transport back and forth. They may want to consider having start and stops at the quarter-mile markers which will reduce the time back to the half-hour runs. They may want to consider just having direct runs from one end to the other.

Based on our recent experience, we will not be using the Tram anymore.

Julie Painter


Celebration Thanks


Many thanks to the community of Berlin for a very successful “Old Fashioned Memorial Day Celebration” on Flower Street on Monday, May 29.

This event proved to be one of our biggest community participation days since the inception of our revamping this activity in our community.

The Berlin Community Improvement Association (BCIA) and the Old Fashioned Memorial Day Committee would like to thank the many people that helped to make this day a success: Mayor Gee Williams and the Town of Berlin; Berlin Police Department; business supporters; our vendors; staff workers; military supporters; parade participants; media coverage.

We look forward to the years to come as our parade and festivities for Memorial Day grow in participation. Thank you again.

The Old Fashioned Memorial Day Committee