Worcester County Warriors Seeking Recruiting Help

BERLIN- The Worcester County Warriors against Opiate Addiction will be working with an AmeriCorps program at Salisbury University to recruit someone who will help the organization with administrative duties on a weekly basis.

In an education committee meeting of the Worcester County Warriors against Opiate Addiction last week, co-founder Jackie Ball explained that the Warriors will be paying ShoreCorps to find someone who will help them with a variety of support services.

“What they will do for us is they will recruit a person who is going to come and work for us for a year,” she said. “We figured that works out pretty well for us because Heidi (McNeeley) and I are definitely getting to the point where we need help.”

The goal of this recruitment, she said, is to find someone who will help with the organization’s weekly operations including sending emails, researching grants, updating social media and any other tasks that will address the opiate problem.

The job requires the person to work 10 hours each week and will include a weekly stipend and educational credits, according to Ball.

“I mean there are an endless amount of things that can take up those 10 hours,” she said.

The opportunity to partner with ShoreCorps came about last week, Ball said. Since then, the organization has agreed to recruit someone on their behalf.

“So ShoreCorps said that we can actually help recruit the person,” Ball said, “But this is something we will let everyone know here because if there is someone interested, you get paid.”

Ball said the opportunities to earn credit and get paid could be appealing.

“It sweetens the pot for somebody who wants to do it,” she said.

Also in the meeting, committee members discussed the possibility of bringing a drug prevention speaker into the schools sometime in the next school year. Tamara Mills of Worcester County Public Schools said school officials will need that time to seek funding and vet potential speakers.

“What we should do is try to do is get a list and go over all of them to see which one would be a good fit,” Ball told her.

“That will be our focus,” Mills replied.

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