Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann
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J/R’s the Place for Ribs was one of Ocean City’s most popular restaurants for over 30 years. Located at the foot of the Route 90 Bridge, it was the first stop for many visitors driving to the beach every summer.

Opened in 1980 on 62nd Street and Coastal Highway by Jack Hubberman and Joel Colton, J/R’s took its name from the initials of the owners’ wives Jackie Hubberman and Ruth Colton. Many believe the name was a clever play on the popular TV show “Dallas” whose main character was a Texas oilman named JR Ewing. A second location opened later on 131st Street.

J/R’s the Place for Ribs featured baby back ribs with a barbecue sauce created by the Hubbermans. Other menu specialties included crab cakes, chicken and a deep fried onion loaf.

The 131st Street site closed in 2014 and is now occupied by the Tokyo Seafood Buffet. The original 62nd Street location shut down following the 2015 season and the building is currently vacant.

Photo by Bunk Mann