Voices From The Readers – February 17, 2017

Voices From The Readers – February 17, 2017

Public Education Needs Protection


As a retired teacher and current substitute, I have taught students in all grade levels, age 3 through adult. My undergraduate degree is in education, with a Masters in Special Education. Having the privilege to work in such a demanding field with highly professional staff to meet the academic, emotional, and social needs of our children has been very rewarding.

Who advocates for our children, under the federal government, to ensure that policies and programs related to education are equitable, legal, timely and funded?

The US Secretary of Education advises the President.

Betsy DeVos, a “school choice” advocate, who has never held a professional position as an educator, will now fill that role. A billionaire, both she and her children have never attended public school. Ms. DeVos has a bachelor degree in political science and business administration from Calvin College, Mich.

What can parents, teachers and concerned citizens do to protect public education?

Send postcards to Governor Larry Hogan supporting public education. No taxpayers money should be spent on DeVos’ agenda of funding private, religious and charter schools.

Attend Maryland State Education Association’s March To Protect Our Schools in Annapolis on March 13 at 5 p.m.

Call your senator to support the Less Testing, More Learning Act of 2017. This bill passed the House last year, but it needs to go through the Senate. It would limit the amount of instructional time spent on testing.

Become involved in your local school as a mentor or volunteer.

Join a political action group, such as Network for Public Education, as we monitor, protest and advocate for our children.

On Nov. 6, 2018, vote against politicians who did not make public education a priority.

Let invest in our future — our kids.

Judy Davis


Better Light Displays Needed In Ocean City

Now that your Jan. 6 edition has finally arrived at my home, I must comment on the article about the “lighting up Ocean City campaign.”

If the city wants businesses to support this campaign, it’s time for them to set a good example. On my annual ride up and down Coastal Highway on Christmas Eve, I noticed the lack of decorations on city-owned buildings. It seems if you’re not paying to get in (Winterfest), decorations aren’t worth the town’s efforts.

Congratulations to Lt. Ward Kovacs and the crew of the Ocean City Beach Patrol, the only city agency that decorated its building for the holidays. But I also must mention their neighbors, the Coast Guard, who also did an excellent job.

If you can find $4.5 million to stop drunks from doing what drunks do best (stupid things), you can find some money for decorations.

By the way, nice of you to give staff off on Christmas Day, but isn’t there someone on duty who can unlock the restrooms on the Boardwalk. If they’re not as clean as normal, I understand.

Ray Tagnon

Conshohocken, Pa.