OC Landmarks Of Years Gone By

OC Landmarks Of Years Gone By
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Ocean City has seen its share of eye-catching advertising devices over the years. The Giant Bull with sunglasses at Capt. Bob’s Steakhouse on 64th Street, Laffin’ Sal at Jester’s Fun House on Worcester Street and Morbid Manner with its ghosts and ghouls on the pier have all pass-ed into history.

One of the most recent to leave the beach was the big martini glass, which stood on the corner of 17th Street and Philadelphia Avenue for over a decade. Installed in 2003, it was built by Kent Signs of Dover, Del. The giant drink promoted the Party Block, which consisted of The Paddock, Rush and The Big Ka-huna nightclubs. It sat on the edge of the pool bar, which had been added to the Party Block in 2008.

The big martini (Jimmy Buffett fans claimed it was a margarita) was removed during a renovation of the property, which reopened as The Cowboy Coast in 2014.

Photo by Bunk Mann