Fall Sports Awards Presented At Worcester Prep

students-dThe fall sports awards were recently presented at Worcester Preparatory School. Walking home with trophies from boys sports were, front from left, Enzo Zechiel (Cross Country Most Improved), Austin Taylor (Varsity Golf M.V.P.), Kurt Leinemann (J.V. Soccer Most Improved), Spencer Paquette (J.V. Soccer Coaches Award), Patrick Petrera (Varsity Soccer Coaches Award), Trent Marshall (Cross Country Coaches Award) and Carter Hill (Cross Country M.V.P.) and, back, Thomas Fager (J.V. Soccer M.V.P.), Charlie Brinker (J.V. Golf Most Improved), Jonathan Ruddo (Varsity Golf Coaches Award), Matt Durkin (J.V. Golf Coaches Award), Jacob Meakin (JV Golf M.V.P.), Brendan Miller (Varsity Soccer M.V.P.), Aria ZiaShakeri (Varsity Soccer Most Improved) and Grant Brown (Varsity Golf Most Improved Player).

students-eGirls sports award winners were, front from left, Ashley Laws (Cross Country Coaches Award), Ava Schwartz (Varsity Field Hockey Coaches Award), Maya ZiaShakeri (J.V. Volleyball Most Improved), Virginia Bateman (Varsity Field Hockey Most Improved), Olivia Bescak (Varsity Soccer M.V.P.) and Annemarie Cherry (Cross Country M.V.P.); back, Maddy Shanahan (Cross Country Most Improved), Sophia Bandorick (Varsity Volleyball Most Improved), Julia Godwin (J.V. Volleyball M.V.P.), Julie Talbert (Varsity Soccer Coaches Award), Karlie Southcomb (Varsity Soccer Most Improved), Amy Lizas (Varsity Volleyball Coaches Award), Sara Young (Varsity Volleyball M.V.P.) and Leigh Lingo (Varsity Field Hockey M.V.P.).  Not Pictured Deborah Marini (J.V. Volleyball Coaches Award).