Ravens Runners Win NFL 5K Challenge

OCEAN CITY- Perhaps an omen of what was to come on Sunday, the team of runners from the 28th Street Pit-and-Pub representing the Baltimore Ravens won the NFL 5K Challenge last week, narrowly edging the teams from Mothers Cantina and Buxy’s Salty Dog.

For the first few years, the annual event hosted by OC Tri Running featured runners representing the Ravens and the Steelers competing in the 5K race on the Boardwalk. The Ravens were represented by the 28th Street Pit-and-Pub, while the Steelers were represented by the across-the-street rivals Buxy’s Salty Dog. Typically, the annual NFL 5K Challenge is held on the eve of one of the annual meetings between the Steelers and Ravens and this year was no different.

What was different this year was the addition of Mothers Cantina representing the Washington Redskins. Runners from the three establishments representing their favorite local NFL teams competed last Saturday in the NFL 5K Challenge with a handsome trophy and bragging rights for the next year on the line. The finish times for the top runners for each team were combined for a final average and the fastest time won the trophy and the bragging rights.

Last Saturday, it was the team from the 28th Street Pit-and-Pub and the Ravens finishing first with an average time of 2:56:55, while the Mothers Cantina team representing the Redskins was second at 3:04:40 and the Salty Dog team representing the Steelers was third at 3:10:57.

The top 10 included Tommy Weeks (Ravens), Brian Johnston (Steelers), Wes Stull (Redskins), Kacey Mihoces (Ravens), Beth Beley-Smith (Steelers), Michael D’Antuono (Redskins), Denise D’Antuono (Redskins), Karen Johnston (Steelers), Daniel Miller (Ravens) and Carmen D’Antuono (Redskins).