Family-Owned Business Offers Water Quality Service Options

OCEAN CITY – Hague Quality Water of Maryland is currently operating in its 23rd year as a family-owned water treatment business, providing many homeowners and businesses with solutions to their water problems.

Brian Edwards, president of the company, reports his customers have come to expect a higher level of quality from their services and constantly receive positive reviews from residents in the area.

Hague Water of Maryland is a service disabled veteran-owned business with two locations in Annapolis and Ocean City.

Edwards’s father, Ronald, started the business after retiring from the Air Force. He soon took the advice of a family member, who ran the Environmental Protection Agency under the Reagan Administration, and decided to open a water treatment company with his son, Shaun.

“My aunt suggested water was the place to be and that water was not getting any better,” Edwards said.

After attending a convention for the Water Quality Association, Edwards’s father and brother decided to carry the trusted Hague brand and opened Hague Quality Water of Maryland in 1993.

“They had three orders for units before the equipment was even in their hands,” Edwards said.

Although he now runs the company with his sister, Edwards maintains the company still stands on its principles as a quality family-owned and operated business carrying American-owned and American-made treatment systems.

The business offers three product lines with many devices for each water quality problem. Edwards says the Eastern Shore has problems with water quality in both municipal and well water systems, and Hague Water can treat a variety of issues.

Hague Water services homes and offices with filtration systems, water coolers, plumbing needs, ozone systems and more. Each product offers residents a sustainable way to treat their water year-round.

Edwards said Maryland’s Eastern Shore has many part-time residents with condos and homes that stay vacant a majority of the year.

Hague Water’s ozone treatment systems make it easy for these part-time residents to keep their home fresh and clean even.

“It will knock down odors that people coming in from the beach bring back into the house,” Edwards said.

In addition to these ozone systems, water units that Hague Water uses can filter both well and municipal water and can reduce the amount of tanks a home needs.

One of their systems, the Hague WaterMax, has four layers of filtration in one unit.

“It reduces the consumption and stress on a septic system,” Edwards says.

The carrier guarantees a 25-year warrantee on its products, according to Edwards, making it a reliable system.

“I guess that is the downside of the business,” Edwards said. “These systems can last for years.”

The company treats every customer individually and realizes that not all water problems are the same.

Hague Water provides free water tests for initial consultations and will offer customers a solution that best fits their needs and budgets. The company is currently offering water filtration systems at a low price.

The business has moved its West Ocean City office to Sunset Avenue, off Stephen Decatur Highway, and will continue to serve the area at its new location.

Those interested in Hague Water services can call 410-213-2380 or visit

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