The Resorter … Revisited – September 16, 2016

The Resorter … Revisited – September 16, 2016
09 16 Color Resorter WEB

Summer of 1968

Volume XIV

Edition 1

Issue Highlights

• This week’s Resorter Girl was Susan Richardson, who was also featured in the Hess Apparel full-page ad.

• English’s Chicken & Steak House was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on 15th Street.

• An editorial, headlined “Thieve’s Holiday,” read, “Visit 9th Street any evening and bands of police are there supposedly keeping the youngsters under control by a show of force. So while the police hang around the boardwalk kibitzing with the teen-agers, a small segment of the youngsters is off doing what they came to do, content in the knowledge that all of the foot police are on the boardwalk showing off their force.”

• Daniel Trimper Real Estate on 39th Street was advertising “Luxury Beach Houses for the discriminating buyer.”

• In his City Hall Report, Councilman C.H. Shuey wrote, “… the former old Ocean City Elementary School is now the new City Hall – or perhaps it should be called our White House! In any case, we outgrew the former City Hall on Dorchester Street and have now refurbished the old school building (which looked about ready to fall down) into the new seat of our City Government. The Police Department and the Magistrate’s bailwick will continue to occupy the former City Hall.