The Resort… Revisited – July 29, 2016

The Resort… Revisited – July 29, 2016
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Summer of 1965

Vol. 11

Edition 3

Issue Highlights

According to Frontier Town’s new policy for 1965, the entrance fee bought guests not only admission but also rides and shows as well.

In the column, “’Then I Wrote…,’” Publisher and Editor Dick Lohmeyer expressed high school graduates out to decide what they want to do in life instead of being pressured to go to college or else, saying, “In a few years there are going to be a lot of people wandering around holding degrees in fields that bore the hell out of them.”

In 1965, Venable’s Hoffman Dry Cleaners in Berlin had been servicing customers for over 40 years.

Charlie’s Barber Shop, located in the 64th Street shopping center, found their specialty in men’s hair and razor cutting.

New this year, the Question Mark motel on the bay advertised maid service, air conditioning, and television available for each of it 24 rooms.

In Councilman C.H Shuey’s “City Hall Report,” Shuey railed against the “ill advised,” “unwise,” and dangerously high speed limit in north Ocean City. Past 70th Street the speed limit was raised to 50 mph.

In his column “After Dark,” Publisher Dick Lohmeyer celebrates the opening of three brand new amusement parks in Ocean City, bringing the total to six.