The Resort… Revisited – July 8, 2016

The Resort… Revisited – July 8, 2016
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Summer of 1967

Vol. 13

Edition 4

This edition of typewriter editorials bemoans the unchecked commercial development crowding Philadelphia Avenue.

In order to find the Sandpiper Restaurant on 34th street, all one had to do was, “Look for the Building with the White Chicken on top.”

Paul’s Aqua Shop on St. Louis Avenue was fully stocked with all the equipment necessary for both scuba and skin diving.

The Plaid Drive-in on 47th street offered their patrons both car hop and curb service as well as delivery of their famous crabs.

Councilman C.H. Shuey wrote in his City Hall Report about recent developments regarding the town’s sewer system, traffic lights, and roads.

Davis & Lynch Fish Company recently opened a new retail market that offered a modern shopping experience for “the particular housewife.”

At Frontier Town’s own Golden Nugget Saloon, a production of a play called “The Drunkard” was put on by a cast fresh from New York. Dinner Theatre tickets began at $6.50 for adults.

In “After Dark,” Publisher Dick Lohmeyer wrote about a band called “The Admirals,” which headlined nightly at the Hunka-Munka Night Club.