Club’s 34th Canyon Kick-Off In The Books

Club’s 34th Canyon Kick-Off In The Books
brenda lou

OCEAN CITY- The Ocean City Marlin Club’s 34th Annual Canyon Kick-Off Tournament last weekend was a big success with 63 boats and hundreds of anglers filling out the leaderboard in several categories and collecting thousands in prize money.

The Canyon Kick-Off, held each year on or near the Fourth of July weekend, is the first significant event for the Ocean City Marlin Club of the season each year and serves as a prelude to the more high-profile tournaments including the Ocean City Tuna Tournament this weekend, the Big Fish Classic later this month and, of course, the White Marlin Open next month. Despite deteriorating conditions later in the weekend, 63 boats participated in the holiday tournament with fishing held Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In the Billfish Release Division, it was the crew on the “Streaker” taking first place with 400 total points, good for a tournament-high $22,950 in prize money. The “Haulin’ and Balling’” crew took second with 300 release points and earned $3,510 in prize money. The “First Light” took third with 200 release points and earned $2,340.

In the Dolphin Division, it was the crew on the “Second Chance” taking first place with a 25.4-pounder worth $9,967. The “Barbara Rose” was second with a 22-pounder worth $5,481, while the “Tighten Up” was third with a 18-pounder worth $6,300 because of added entry levels.

The Yellowfin Tuna Division created much of the drama over the weekend. The crew on the “Brenda Lou” took first with a 125-pounder worth $4,567, while the “Barbara Rose” took second with a 68-pounder worth $5,481. However, it was the crew on the “A Salt Weapon II” taking third with a 56-pounder, but earning $13,527 in prize money because it was entered across the board.

In the Bluefin Tuna Division, it was the “Jezebel” taking first with a 73-pounder worth $1,764. The “Black Flag” crew was second with a 70-pounder worth $270, while the “Triple S” hauled in a 69-pounder to take third and $486 in prize money.