Snow Hill Now Offers Wi-Fi As Free Service

SNOW HILL – Visitors to Snow Hill can now access free Wi-Fi as they meander through the historic town.

In mid-June, the town’s free Wi-Fi went live, according to Michael Day, the town’s economic development consultant. He said the decision to offer the service to the public was part of an effort to keep up with the times. In many larger towns, free Wi-Fi is offered at any number of businesses.

“We’re trying to create more of a friendly atmosphere for tourists,” Day said.

He said the Wi-Fi, listed as “Snow Hill Public Wi-Fi,” does not require a password. Users simply hit “login.” It’s available through most of the downtown area now thanks to relays at the Pocomoke River Canoe Company, Sturgis Park, the town’s fire station and Snow Hill Town Hall.

“It works good,” Day said. “People like it.”

He said the installation process cost the town $1,200 but that the monthly fee was minimal because it was tied in to the town’s new phone system.

“I think the cost is negligible for what it offers,” he said.

Day said that in today’s world, people expected to have access to Wi-Fi. He said the service was particularly convenient for business people and salesmen that might be in town.

“We’re hoping to put a webcam on the canoe shop to have a live view of the river and we needed Internet for that as well,” Day said.

He said the town still needed to put up signage to make the public aware of the new service. The Internet access is just another of Snow Hill’s recent efforts to bring more life to the town.

In nearby Berlin, free public Wi-Fi has been offered since 2012. Berlin officials said the service was meant to enhance the other experiences the town offered. Mayor Gee Williams has called it another effort by the town to offer 19th century charm with 21st century living.

“I’m confident that Berlin’s decision to be a leader among small towns on the Eastern Shore has been an asset in this age of the Internet,” Williams said this week. “What was not so long ago was considered a convenience is now a necessity and I am pleased to see Snow Hill now offer this service to both residents and guests.”

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