Voices From The Readers – June 24, 2016

Voices From The Readers – June 24, 2016

Sponsors Thanked


The Ocean Pines Anglers Club held a successful Teach A Kid To Fish event on Saturday, June 18 and wants to thank our sponsors, the Ocean City-Berlin Optimist Club and the Maryland Saltwater Sportsfishermen’s Association (MSSA), for proving financial support for this event.

We also thank the Maryland Natural Resources Police for providing all sorts of handouts and helpful information booklets for the kids, the Ocean Pines Fire Department for safety standby and the Ocean Pines Association for great logistic and advertising support.

Walt Boge

Ocean Pines

Overpass Would Be Better


As a weekday commuter on US 50, I would like to thank the Maryland State Highway Administration for planning to improve the US 50 intersection at Sixty Foot Road near Pittsville. On a daily basis, I see crossing and merging traffic fail to stop or yield to traffic on US-50.

However, I fail to see how the proposed improvements will reduce the accident rate. It will also create a new rear end collision hazard on US-50, as thru highway traffic suddenly has to stop at a new signal.

Preserving the free flow of traffic is vital to the future success of Ocean City and the region. By adding more traffic signals, the free flow of traffic down the highway is impeded. When looking at the existing corridor, I see a well maintained right of way that bypasses town centers, and also has limited access point already. This stretch of corridor should be upgraded to interstate standards — such as near Vienna.

Instead of adding a traffic light and lengthened turn lanes, this intersection should be improved with an overpass. Ramps should be added to connect US 50 with Sixty Foot Road. Main Street extended and Friendship Road crossings should be closed. The next two intersections eastward and westward should be studied for possible closure.

The proposal to add yet another traffic light will not improve safety at this intersection. It will simply increase travel times in the region. However, building a safe overpass, and closing adjacent at grade crossings will.

Ben Davis

Ocean City
Support For OC Approach


As a year-round resident of Ocean City, I wanted to express my support for the recently publicized proposal which would deem it unlawful for persons to not comply with our local police officers’ initial warning to cease and desist behavior. Much of the time, all an individual may need is a warning to cease behavior. In cases where warned behavior does not cease, it should be taken more seriously.

If an officer should let’s say warn an individual for operating an electronic device while driving, then a week later is caught again, the citizen in my opinion should be given a citation automatically. Having been warned about this very activity a few years ago, I learned from that experience and have ceased talking on my phone while driving.

Thank you Captain Kirstein for proposing such an ordinance and thank you City Council for the support thus far that has been publicized.

Doug Antos

Ocean City