Local Company Looking To Debunk Pre-Built Home Myths

Local Company Looking To Debunk Pre-Built Home Myths

DELMAR – Thinking about a new home?

Atlantis Homes wants you to think about a manufactured one. More than a decade after setting up shop in Delmar, staff members at the company say they’re still working to break the stereotypes associated with pre-built homes.

“Some people are still skeptical but they’ve come a long way,” said Randy Merritt Jr. of Atlantis Homes.

According to Merritt, the manufactured and modular homes being sold by the company today are made to last decades and provide buyers with an affordable housing option. Though sales slowed when the economy did around 2008, they’ve been picking up within the last few years as buyers have realized their mortgage payment in an Atlantis home is often no more than a rent payment would be.

“Our sales have increased as more people are choosing home ownership rather than renting,” Merritt said.

Merritt says his company offers an array of housing options, starting with a 900-square-foot home at a base price of $34,500.

“It’s the site work you need us to do that changes that price,” Merritt said.

The price of each home is dependent not only on its size but on the amount of site work that’s associated with placing it on a buyer’s land.

“We can do as little or as much as someone needs,” he said.

Qualify craftsmanship is featured throughout homes being sold by Atlantis Homes, such as this modern bathroom.

Qualify craftsmanship is featured throughout homes being sold by Atlantis Homes, such as this modern bathroom.

For prospective homebuyers who don’t already own a piece of land, Atlantis Homes can help. The company is willing to aid in the search for a suitable piece of property. If that’s not an option, Merritt says staff can connect customers with certain communities in which customers purchase a home and lease the ground that it’s built on. Strawberry Village in Willards is one such community.

“You’re going to own your house but pay rent for your land,” Merritt explained.

When it comes to the houses themselves, Merritt says buyers have numerous options to choose from. They can pick the colors and materials of the home or can go as far as to submit their own floor plan.

Merritt expects Atlantic Homes’ newest model, the “Patriot,” to prove popular this year. The 1,500-square foot home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each time one is sold the company makes a donation to Hope for the Warriors, a non-profit that helps wounded veterans.

Because manufactured and modular homes are built inside, at facilities in Pennsylvania and Tennessee, customers interested in buying one can do so any time of year. Merritt says the entire process, from purchase to move in, usually takes between three and four months.

In recent years, Merritt says energy efficiency has become a primary focus for Atlantis Homes. Upgrades in things like windows and insulation have made the homes more efficient.

“They’ve made a big difference in what it costs to heat and cool,” Merritt said. “You’re not only going to get an affordable house but month to month you’re looking at low costs.”

Though buying a home can be stressful, Merritt says Atlantis Homes works to make the process easier. An Atlantis Homes construction manager supervises each project, even aiding in the permitting process, while an in-house customer care team helps with any warranty issues that may arise.

“We’re not only with them to design and build the house but we’re there after they move in,” Merritt said.

For more information on Atlantis Homes, visit www.atlantishomesllc.com.