WPS Awards Scholarship

WPS Awards Scholarship

Eighth grader Damiana Colley has been selected to receive the Worcester Preparatory School (WPS) Sara Chase Carlson Scholarship to begin September 2016. She will receive full tuition for four years of high school.

Colley is an exemplary student who also excels in writing, drawing and painting. In addition to her talents, she is active in many extracurricular clubs and is President of the Student Government Association (SGA) in her current school.

The Sara Chase Carlson Scholarship was established in 2004 by Sara Carlson and her late father, Robert L. Edwards, to provide local students entering ninth grade a four-year, full tuition grant for the Upper School at WPS.  The student criteria is based on strong academic ability, coupled with strength in the arts and/or technology. Carlson created the scholarship as a permanent and significant way to thank WPS for the wonderful education her daughter, Leigh Remy ’03, received.

Above, Colley is pictured with Carlson. Submitted Photo